Free to Be Crabby Giveaway

Free to Be Crabby Giveaway

Free to Be Crabby Giveaway Sponsored by Hallmark Hosted by Pea of Sweetness Don't you just love Maxine? Her crabby character quickly spread from Shoebox cards into pop culture. Today she has her own comic strip, books, calendars and a website! Hallmark has a variety of great Maxine products, and now is your chance to win some! See what I thought of these great crabby Maxine products! One winner will a Maxine prize pack including: Free to be Crabby Maxine socks, Love it or Leave … {Read More…}

Free to Be Crabby with Maxine

Free to be Crabby Maxine

If you're familiar with Maxine, you already know her crabby character. I was only 5 years old when crabby Maxine was first introduced when Hallmark launched Shoebox. Here we are 30 years later, and she's not only still around, but she's also still a pretty prominent character! What started as a character on a card has grown and expanded to today's day and age and can be found in a variety of internet memes. Additionally, she has her own books, comic strip, calendars and … {Read More…}

Only You Can Prevent Wildfires

Prevent Wildfires Ash Picture

Rise from the Ashes with Smokey The Bear! A campfire can be one of the best parts of camping, or provide necessary warmth to hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike many natural disasters, most wildfires are caused by people—and can be prevented by people, too! Right now, a wildfire burning out of control in mountains and foothills east of Los Angeles has forced authorities to order three school districts to cancel classes due to heavy smoke and dangerous conditions. The time for … {Read More…}

Fun at the Care Bears Brunch at #BBNYC

Care Bears Brunch Blogger Bash

One of the amazing events I got to attend at Blogger Bash was the Care Bears Brunch. It was the first event of the conference and such an amazing way to kick it off! Seriously, my first day, and I get a photo op with Funshine Bear? Love it! Of course, the Care Bears Brunch […]

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New Family Devotion Pack (and Amazing Summer Promotion) from Friends and Heroes!

Friends and Heroes Family Devotion Pack

Our family enjoys the variety of great Biblical resources for kids from Friends and Heroes. We loved their Homeschool Unit Study and were definitely excited to check out their new Family Devotion Pack! Bible is a big part of our homeschool, and using Devotions that work for the whole family is a huge advantage. Disclosure: […]

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Enjoy Lunch Outdoors with a Convenient Picnic Blanket!

MIU COLOR Foldable Picnic Blanket

Spring, Summer, Fall. No matter the season, if the weather is nice chances are we’re doing some homeschooling outdoors. Generally we will pack our lunches and either do school and have lunch right in our backyard or enjoy some time at the park. When going out and about, though, it’s important to keep everything quick […]

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It’s Time to Celebrate! Congrats Giveaway Winners!


Congrats to some of our latest giveaway winners! It’s time again to announce some of our recent winners! I love to celebrate with my winners, so if you won a giveaway that was hosted by Pea of Sweetness be sure to post a picture to my Facebook Wall or send it to me so I […]

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Talking Shapes is Now Online {Talking Shapes Review}

Talking Shapes Review

Recently, our youngest son (age 6) has been exploring a familiar phonics program in a different setting. Previously for our Talking Shapes review we reviewed this program as an app on their iPad. Now Talking Shapes: A Supplemental Curriculum for Early Literacy is available online. This phonics supplement from Talking Fingers Inc. is ideal for […]

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Homeschool Math for Grades K-12 {CTCMath Review}

CTCMath Review Homeschool Math

Sometimes we are blessed with the opportunity to review curricula we have reviewed in the past and see it in a whole new way. That has been the case with CTCMath! Now that the kids are at different ages and stages (and our youngest is now at school age) we found that CTCMath is actually […]

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8 Reasons You Must go to Cedar Point Nights

8 Reasons You Must Visit Cedar Point Nights

Can you believe it’s August already? Where did the time go? As summer is winding down, so is the amazing opportunity to visit Cedar Point Nights. Through August 14, 2016, fun has no curfew at Cedar Point! There are so many great things to see and do when you visit Cedar Point Nights that it […]

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Eating is Fun with FunBites!

Make Eating Fun with FunBites

Eating can be a challenge around here. Our youngest is particularly picky when it comes to eating. Partly it is because he has Sensory Processing Disorder, so texture and size can pose challenges. Plus, he is sensitive to flavors, so strong flavors aren’t handled well. Because of this, though, he’s hesitant to try new foods. […]

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