1 Fit 2 Serve

1 Fit 2 Serve is our “sister site,” and is also written and managed by me, Emilee Roberts. Although on Pea of Sweetness I will include basic health and fitness posts for the family, etc. a big majority and more detailed posts will be found on 1 Fit 2 Serve. I feel like God was calling me a healthier lifestyle when I got “fed up” with having a chronic pain disorder – Fibromyalgia. When my husband got cancer the 2nd time I knew SOMETHING had to change. I couldn’t just accept a “new normal” of being tired all the time and in pain. I told myself I COULDN’T be anything but that! Well, I had no choice now but to try not to! The improvements were almost immediate and I realized God wasn’t calling me to sit around in pain – he wanted me to LIVE – he wanted me to inspire OTHERS to LIVE! So 1 Fit 2 Serve was born. Along with it a new business venture was born, which is highlighted on that website. Due to Policy and Procedures I cannot highlight it on Pea of Sweetness as I represent more than one business. It is not my “main business,” but my passion to help others remains (and it is still highlighted on that site because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today physically. It changed my life!) So if you’re looking for more detailed posts on health and fitness (again, I will carry over many here, but a majority will still remain there) please come find me over on http://1fit2serve.com 🙂

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