2 Years

My husband has officially been cancer free for two years now! This also means he no longer has to follow up with his oncologist as often. We also got some good news at his most recent follow-up. To understand how good this news is I first need to provide some background.

There are many types of chemotherapy, and the type my husband had has some pretty harsh side effects. In fact, he had to be admitted to the hospital during his final week of treatment because his organs started shutting down, and he had already risked losing his hearing and sight. He was so very sick. There is more to the story that I won’t discuss just yet. Basically, though, I was told they wouldn’t stop his chemo treatment “even if it kills him.” They also told us that it WILL kill him – if not now then 15 or so years down the road. You see, the chemo itself is a poison and can cause well, cancer, along with a slew of other issues he already experiences like the chemo induced peripheral neuropathy, memory loss, etc. Well, we still hold out with the hope knowing we can trust God’s report rather than the doctors’. I hold firm in the belief that he is cancer free for good!

At his previous oncology follow-ups the scans had revealed some spots on his lungs. There were a couple of concerns – the nature of the cancer he had if it were to metastasize more would be in the lungs, and the type of chemo he had can cause problems in the lungs. These spots were too small to be of any concern at this time, but they were slowly growing. I am so happy to report at his last appointment the scan revealed the spots on his lungs are actually going away!! In fact, most already had! Praise The Lord!! This is definitely GREAT news!

Another fun fact is Joey celebrates his 29th birthday next week! 🙂 Every birthday is a blessing, but there is always something special about celebrating birthdays when you’ve had a life threatening illness like cancer. I still haven’t decided what we’re going to get him yet or what we’re going to do, but I’m really excited to celebrate no matter what we do! 🙂

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  1. What great news. I am so happy for you and your family!

  2. That is great news. Sending many prayer to your family.

  3. Amazing news – long way it continue! x

  4. I am so happy for your husband and you all- his family- that he is and has been cancer free. What a blessing. What’s so crazy is I am gong to be 29 in March so the whole story was just so real and close to reality.

  5. Kathy Lane says

    This is great news!I’m so happy for you both.You all will be in my prayers.

  6. An Ordinary Housewife says

    That is awesome! I can’t imagine going through that.

  7. I am shocked of how many people are dying from cancer. My uncle just passed from stage 4 stomache cancer and he didn’t even know! I was thinking to myself today how much pain was he in and did he even have a clue he had cancer?

  8. sortiz99 says

    Thank you for sharing the great news of your husband’s “cancer-free” health! My family has also gone through some cancer scares as well, with first my oldest brother having Prostate Cancer (but was successfully surgically removed) and then my oldest son having a tumor caused by a rare form of cancer (and here again, was successfully surgically removed with no traces of cancer). I thank God for his miracles and blessings!!

  9. peggy greco says

    God bless Joey , you, and family on his 2 year cancer free status!

  10. God Bless and Congrats on the 2 years.

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