2014 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor Spotlight – Chewigem

In September my daughter and I had the chance to review some beautiful stylish sensory chewelry from Chewigem. We both have Sensory Processing Disorder and tend to chew on things for oral input. I had never considered something like chewelry for myself, though I definitely considered it not only for our daughter but our sons as well!

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Are you looking for a holiday gift for special needs family members or friends?

Chewigem offers a wide variety discreet chewelry that is great for mild to moderate chewers. They are made of FDA approved silicone and are lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. The styles are fun yet discreet. I can wear my Raindrop Pendant with just about any outfit and nobody would ever know it’s a “special necklace.” Aurora chose a really cute cat design that definitely stands out a little more, but again, many people wouldn’t suspect it fulfills a need other than just being a cute necklace!

Chewigem Discreet Stylish Sensory Chewelry

Chewgem not only offers necklaces but bangles as well. So if you know a boy or man with sensory needs who wouldn’t be too keen on the idea of wearing a “necklace,” the bangles would be a great option!

Who would benefit from Chewigem?

Perhaps you’re doing your Christmas shopping for a family member or friend with special needs, and you’re not quite sure who would be the ideal recipient for Chewigem chewelry. I mentioned Sensory Processing Disorder as that is what my daughter and I have. Many of us with SPD chew for sensory input, but not all of us do. It’s a pretty safe bet, though, that if they have SPD they will enjoy Chewigem. Our daughter also fidgets and likes to have things in her hand, and her Cat – Meowza necklace is great for that as well! It is important to check, though, if they are a mild to moderate chewer (if they are a chewer) versus a heavy chewer as they are not designed for heavy chewers.

People on the Autism Spectrum also often have sensory needs. Our oldest son is on the Autism spectrum, and he also chews on things. Again, you will need to know if they are a mild to moderate chewer.

Chewigem Bubba Bangles

Photo courtesy of ChewigemUSA.com

When in doubt – ask! As a special needs mom, I can’t tell you how many times I have added therapy products to our Christmas list. So many people are afraid to ask about it, though, and we don’t often receive them. They are SO helpful for families like ours, though. If you are shopping for a family member or friend with special needs or who have special needs children, don’t be afraid to ask if they may need something like Chewigem.

Chewigem make a great holiday gift! They are fun, stylish, and help fulfill a need! For our family, those are definitely the best type of gifts!

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