2014 in Review

By the end of this month I should finally have all my “good-bye 2014, hello 2015” posts done! Lol Seriously, unpacking has been crazy, and I’m not sure we’re even half way done! In the past probably 5 years or so we never completely unpacked. I can’t wait to change that in 2015! Here is my 2014 in review! Next week I’ll be sharing my goals for 2015!

2014 in Review

Between the military moves (including moving three times on one post!) and the constant “he’ll be getting a Med Board soon” (which ended up getting dragged out for two years or so) it just seemed silly to “get settled.” This year we moved twice. We never got fully settled at the first house just because we were under so much financial stress which led to physical and emotional stress and, unfortunately, an eviction as the Social Security didn’t get resolved until right after.

A lot happened after that and what we thought was a blessing turned out not to be. It actually was a blessing in disguise, though, as it caused a stirring in our spirits to seek God’s Will for where we should go long term. After much prayer we knew we should move to Ohio. It is “home” to me, but it wasn’t an easy decision. I shared this on my personal Facebook:

You know, deciding to make such a big move especially near the holidays (and from a warm, sunny state to the freezing cold) wasn’t easy. We sacrificed quite a bit, but after a lot of prayer we knew this is what was best for our family, and God was calling us to go now. We knew we had to cut our losses and follow our path. If you face a crossroads between choosing what you know is right and choosing what would be easier this year, I pray you have the courage to choose the right path. Only your family and God know what that path is, so don’t let outside influences affect your decision and don’t look back or you might miss out on the blessings ahead.

Moving to Ohio

Through all the trials in 2014 my health got worse – both my physical issues and my depression. I think Pea of Sweetness reflected this. I shared my hope in the midst of the fire but worried it sounded like I was whining. The truth is, though, it made me realize I want to open my heart to you. God wants me to open my heart to you. Even in the storm I know He’s there, and that’s what He wanted you to see.

I also shared different ways I view trials. It can be hard to see in the midst of the trials, but they have a purpose.

How do You View Trials

This year I continued with the Schoolhouse Review Crew and was asked back for 2015. Being part of the Crew is such a huge blessing for me and our family!

I continued to move Pea of Sweetness toward my goal of narrowing down my niche, which is part of why I chose Purpose as my Word for 2015.

In 2014 I also became a contributor for The Homeschool Post and Our Homeschool Forum and hope to contribute more in the new year. I became a Family Christian Blogger and got more involved with VeggieTales, and did some great reviews through FlyBy Promotions. I’m so excited to continue to share faith-based resources with you!

VeggieTales Day

I really grew my other blog, Deals of Sweetness, over 2014 and announced we’ll be launching Sweetness Sisters Media next month to connect brands and bloggers and offer blogger support. I’m partnering with my amazing blogger friend Krista from Savory Savings and finally got to meet her and hang out at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. I shared some pics on Instagram, but stay tuned because I’m about to roll out a photo album on Facebook and introduce you to some of the great brands! I have some reviews coming up, too! Time got away with me with the holidays and move shortly after!

So 2014 had some amazing highlights as well, but I feel my blog suffered a little this year due to all the issues. I shared my Top Posts from 2014 and felt disappointed honestly looking back on my posts for the year. I do feel like I needed that time, though, to really look at the big picture and move forward with purpose.

Top 10 Posts from 2014

We started our new homeschool year this week, but we’re repeating a year. Unfortunately, the stresses took a toll on us in that area as well. I’m hopeful, though. I know 2015 is going to be a year of growth and purpose both personally and professionally, and I’m so blessed to have you follow me on this journey! What were your highlights from 2014?


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  1. Deanne Patterson

    I really enjoyed reading about yur year in review. Praying for you it all comes through for you and your family and all works out well !

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