2015 in Review

I know it’s not the end of the year yet, but I don’t suspect anything too significant is going to happen over the next few weeks besides my dad’s upcoming surgery. Each year I check my beginning of the year posts from the previous year, and I had to laugh that in my 2014 in Review I said I couldn’t wait to change the fact that we haven’t fully unpacked in over 5 years. Well, the tradition still stands – we haven’t fully unpacked! *Sigh*

2015 in Review

2015 in Review

Unfortunately, my health issues continued in 2015, and although it has been refreshing to be “back home” with family and friends, it’s still not easy to struggle almost daily – even when you do have an amazing support network. I have definitely been so very thankful to be connected to my friends and family again. It’s been such a blessing! We’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary of our move to Ohio on Christmas Eve, and it was hard to move but so worth it.

I have started seeing specialists, though, which is a huge step in the right direction, and I am hopeful 2016 will bring some answers (and relief). After realizing I needed to open my heart, I started sharing my heart when it comes to living with a chronic condition, challenges of a special needs family and faith in the midst of trials. I even started sharing some recipes! Overall, though, it wasn’t a fantastic year as far as blogging goes, but health and family must come first.

Never Alone

This year I continued with the Schoolhouse Review Crew and was excited to be asked back for 2016. Being part of the Crew is such a huge blessing for me and our family! I shared my excitement to be back on the Crew and our favorite curriculum from 2015. Overall, our homeschool year was uneventful. We didn’t really do anything spectacular. With my health issues, I was just glad to get through the days sometimes!

For here on Pea of Sweetness, my initial goal was to narrow down my niche, but I did something I wouldn’t have predicted – I sold my other blog and opened Pea of Sweetness up again to reflect all of me. Exactly the opposite than what I planned, but it is actually a refreshing change for me! I feel like I don’t have to divide my time anymore!

I did also opt to cut down my contributor list as well, but I hope to be able to get back into it this in 2016. Despite these changes, though, I didn’t completely just lighten my load! I was excited to start freelance writing for Findlay Family. Plus, I have other blogs. We kicked off 2015 on Sweetness Sisters Media with a group giveaway, but both my co-owner and I decided it just wasn’t “our year,” as we both were very busy with our own blogs and lives outside of the Internet. We do hope to get it up and running again this year, though.

Plus, my husband and I have decided to take on a project together. Our blog, Nerdy Household, will launch this year. We’re excited to work together to share our love for gaming, anime and all things nerdy. If you love gaming, be sure to follow Nerdy Household on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on our launch!

A few other highlights that happened in 2015:

  • Our daughter joined American Heritage Girls, and after a couple of months, I became a volunteer as an Assistant Leader for her troop.
  • My husband started working a part-time job. He’s a Disabled Vet, and he does have physical limitations. He thought getting a part-time job would be OK because of the few hours, and he loves the discounts. It’s proving to be more difficult than he expected, though, so we’re reevaluating what will be best in the new year.
  • We got a kitten, and our daughter was so thrilled. So now we have a dog, cat, kitten and 2 gerbils.
  • Our oldest son went on his first camping trip with Royal Rangers. It turned out to be a cold and rainy time, but he toughed it out!
  • Our daughter also went on her first camp out!
  • We did a lot of fishing this year! We fished at the lake at the sports club, the river and got an inflatable boat that we took out many times on the reservoir. I even got to try out some great fishing equipment!
  • We spent a lot of time with friends and family, and my mom has given my husband and I the chance to have regular date nights!

I’ll be sharing my top posts, goals and word for 2016 soon, so stay tuned!

I’m excited to see what 2016 has in store! What were your highlights from 2015?


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