7 Years

You might be able to tell from my lack of personal posts that I’ve been busy! It’s definitely a busy time, and it won’t really let up until September is over! Phew! My mom and grandma are here visiting from Ohio, which has been awesome! We have had so much fun! We even got to celebrate my mom’s birthday yesterday, and B and I chose a Western theme for her party since she’s visiting us here in Texas. We also got to celebrate our 7th anniversary on the 13th! We were so excited to have a night out just the 2 of us for our anniversary! I felt nostalgic and was reminiscing on the last 7 years – from our whirlwind engagement and marriage to having 3 beautiful children and even thinking about how while we had a wonderful anniversary date in 2010 we both knew in the back of our minds that we were “waiting it out” to see if his cancer had returned and that he would probably be starting chemotherapy in just a few short weeks. Which is, indeed, what happened. I feel SO incredibly blessed to be married to such an amazing man – my best friend, a Godly man, a wonderful father, my love. I am blessed that he is still here with us! I was going to type everything from how we met until now – when I say everything I mean a summary. I know I write too much! LOL I think the way our day went on our Anniversary, though, has been a lot like the last 7 years. To be fair, though, I did put together a collage in order from our engagement until now! 🙂

Wedding Anniversary

 So our day Thursday started like any other, but we were really looking forward to having a nice anniversary date. We lack creativity, so we were going to do the whole dinner and a  movie. All 3 kids and myself were a little congested, and I actually got to sleep in a little thanks to my mom and grandma keeping an eye on the kids. I got woken up, though, by our older 2 kids yelling that our youngest was vomiting. Seriously?! I figured it was a fluke  because he does gag easily, which we will be seeing an ENT for soon.

It was not that simple, though. He was really sick. My mom and grandma kept an eye on the older 2, and I spent all day in the little guy’s room taking care of him (and keeping him away from everybody else). It was miserable. HE was miserable. I was miserable. That anniversary date was starting to look like an impossibility. I asked Joey to bring home some Pedialyte on his way home from work because mooselion progressed from just vomiting to having diarrhea as well. Lovely. I thought for sure our night was determined. He wasn’t even able to keep the Pedialyte down. He drank the rest, though, and Joey was about to take over so I could get some rest because I was at exhausted at that point and almost sleeping! Then he just got up like nothing was ever wrong and was perfectly fine after that! He was even bursting with energy! I have NO idea what made him so sick, but it appeared to be over! We gave it some time to be sure, but sure enough, he didn’t get sick again after that! We didn’t have time for our dinner and a movie, but we did have a nice dinner and went to the store by ourselves. It felt weird but refreshing!

I really do think our anniversary can sum up our marriage – starting with hope and excitement to getting overwhelmed by life’s storms and wondering if you’ll ever get out of it, to looking back on everything in retrospect knowing it has all turned out OK and we are so blessed!

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  1. Congratulations on your 7-year anniversary, and I’m glad you have been having a great time with your mom and grandma. Visiting Ohio from Texas is a long trip!
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  2. Happy Anniversary! and I agree… that is a long trip! LOL
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  3. Aww that is so sweet. Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a great time.
    mary walker recently posted…Computer Help Today! #ReviewMy Profile

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! What a blessing 🙂
    Dawn Kropp recently posted…*HOT* Featured Coupons for 9/17/12My Profile

  5. Congrats on 7 years! You’ve had some difficult things to deal with! Hoping the next 7 are smooth sailing!
    Janelle Prentice recently posted…$20 Target Gift Card #Giveaway From Delta Labs 10 winners!My Profile

  6. Congratulations on your 7 years. How wonderful. 🙂
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  7. posting late…but happy anniversary! maybe you can have a “makeup date” sometime!

  8. Oh god bless u all! it is a very nice family !

  9. I enjoyed reading your abbreviated story. Don’t ever think that you write TOO much! You write from your heart and that’s what makes it a joy to read! Bless you and your beautiful family!

  10. You are so down to earth and I love that about you. I am so Blessed also to be married to a wonderful man who is truly my best friend. We are now enjoying the grandchildren, bringing them to church with us on Sundays and trying to spend as much time with them as we can during the summer months. The house is so quiet when they leave but nice for awhile. LOL

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