A Greener Cycle with the Blossom Cup

As an eco-conscious consumer, I have a confession – I haven’t been very “green” when it comes to menstrual products. In my defense, I tried a menstrual cup and had an awful experience. Of course, I know tampons aren’t ideal because they aren’t only wasteful but carry other risks as well. I knew it was time to try a different menstrual cup!

Blossom Cup Menstrual Cup

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary to facilitate my Blossom cup review. Regardless, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

*Note: There may be some slightly personal details given the nature of the product.*

The Blossom Cup is a a reusable silicone menstrual cup that is a healthier alternative to tampons or disposable pads. It is inserted similarly to a tampon and collects menstrual blood. It can be worn up to 12 hours at a time and easily emptied and reinserted for the duration of your cycle.

What interested me about the Blossom Cup is they devoted a lot to make it safe, comfortable and functional. It is made with FDA approved medical-grade silicone and dyes that are biocompatible with the body and do not leech any toxins or chemicals.

Blossom Cup Review

Although I was a little nervous because of my experience with a menstrual cup in the past, I was hopeful when I received my Blossom Cup. It claimed to be better than the menstrual cup I had tried, and I was ready to put it to the test! The previous cup I tried was thick and rigid and caused me a lot of pain.

I have particularly heavy menses and very painful menstrual cramps. Any type of changes, such as pressure, can make this pain worse, which is one of the factors that made it worse using the previous menstrual cup and even tampons.

When considering the Blossom Cup, I was still hesitant to get the larger size because although I am a mother of three children, I only had c-sections, but the Large size was still recommended. Although I do think I still may have been OK going with the smaller size, I do not have any discomfort with the Blossom Menstrual cup at all.

It can be worn up to 12 hours and, of course, overnight. I have never had any problems with leaks. Because of my heavy menses I did have to empty the cup frequently the first couple days of my cycle, but even then I was impressed that it didn’t actually leak. I had to guess at first when I would need to change it, but that is something I started to learn, and I think it is something everyone will learn about themselves with use.

I found the Blossom Cup to be easy to insert. It seals quickly and easily as well. Likewise, it is easy to remove. The silicone is very flexible. Plus, the stem is short, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable either. I have been so happy with the Blossom Cup! This is definitely the menstrual cup I was needing!

The Blossom Cup can be purchased on Amazon.

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  1. Love menstrual cups! It’s my mission to spread the word about their awesomeness to the world.
    Jackie B recently posted…MeLuna Menstrual Cup ReviewMy Profile

  2. Barrie

    i’ve never tried a menstrual cup although I’ve been curious. This sounds promising and I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Molli Vandehey

    i just restarted my cycle after nursing for 2 years, and id love to give this a try

  4. Heather Cowin

    I just got a pink Blossom cup for myself! This was my first cycle using it, and it’s amazing! I can’t believe I wasted all these years (and all that money!) on disposable products..

  5. I wish I’d had this 17 years ago when I could have used it. I’m in menoSTOPPED.

  6. Elizabeth Johnson says

    I’ve never tried a menstrual cup before, but this one looks interesting. I like that it seems really safe in comparison to some others that I’ve seen.

  7. Molli Vandehey

    ive always wanted to try one and i just got my post-breastfeeding cycle back

  8. Mark Warren says

    looks interesting!

  9. I am impressed that this menstrual cup did not leak and am glad that it did not cause you any pain.

  10. violet taylor

    so have you used other cups? are there significant differences between them?

    • Yes. I used the Diva Cup, and it is much stiffer and is uncomfortable for me. The Blossom Cup is softer and more flexible.

  11. I’ve heard reviews about the other brands of menstrual cups but was hesitant to try them b/c of the issues you mentioned. I think the blossom cup might be my first choice to try now.

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