A new symptom?

Our toddler has started something new. Because of his array of different concerns I don’t know if this is, again, an issue that is related to other concerns or something totally different. It’s always a guessing game with him! He has come a long way in his speech therapy, but he still has a delay and is only 2 1/2 as it is so he can’t tell me why he has started this – spitting out food.

Sometimes this comes after one of his gagging spells, sometimes it’s a food he hasn’t had in a while, sometimes it’s a food he loves. There is nothing I can pinpoint it to, though. All I know is when he comes to me with his mouth open I better have something for him to spit his food in or it’s going on the floor. Of course, he is a toddler, so this could be an attention thing and unrelated to the choking/gagging or the Sensory Processing Disorder – or it could be related to one or both!

In my experience of parenting 3 special needs children there is one thing I know for sure – everything is worth consideration. If I just chalked up some of their behaviors to their age or sex they wouldn’t be getting therapy right now, and I wouldn’t know any better! So, I’m thinking this probably isn’t anything serious, but I also think it’s not something to ignore either! I have to call about his swallow study (again) tomorrow, so I’m definitely going to mention it!

Have you ever experienced a new behavior that turned out to be something more or something you suspected might be something and turned out to be nothing?

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