ABCs of SPD – G & H are for Good Help

Welcome to this week’s Blogging Through the Alphabet! I have been Blogging through the Alphabet with Ben and Me and many other bloggers who are offering a wide variety of topics. I am sharing a new topic related to Sensory Processing Disorder each week as we blog through the alphabet.

Unfortunately, though, I missed last week, and I’m posting super late (again) this week. I decided to combine “G” and “H” since I missed last week, and they actually work really well together because something that is so important for those with SPD is “Good Help.” “God’s Help” would also be a good combination for “G” and “H,” since I know for sure He provides “Good Help” for our family as we walk along this path of discovery and understanding.

G & H are for Good Help

Sensory Processing Disorder Good Help

Good help can be hard to find – especially for special needs families, but for those with Sensory Processing Disorder good help can be so helpful! Because so much is still not understood about Sensory Processing Disorder, finding good help can be particularly challenging. Many people with SPD benefit from various therapies like: speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling. It all depends on that particular person’s needs. Our youngest son, for example, has a speech delay, but our daughter does not. They both have SPD, but they are on different “areas” on the broad SPD spectrum.

They also have many similarities, though. They both have made amazing progress with the help of occupational therapy. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get them back into Occupational Therapy since moving to the Houston area 6 months ago. Sometimes it’s as easy as getting a doctor’s referral. Sometimes it’s as hard as trying to find something in the evaluation beyond the sensory concerns since sensory alone rarely qualifies as a need for therapy. It can be frustrating knowing how much it helps and trying to jump through hoops to be sure they do get the good help they need!

Of course, God’s help always pulls through in the hard times when we need the strength to push forward and advocate for our children and push forward as I share our experiences not only with our children but with myself being an adult with SPD. It’s easy to feel like we should just throw in the towel. We’re not going to get them into Occupational Therapy, they’re regressing, I need a “mommy break” to handle my own SPD. With God’s help, though, I know we can get through all of the challenging times as well!

Good help also means being loved and accepted. I know that doesn’t necessarily sound like “help,” but really it is. Sometimes we just need people to understand to help us feel loved. People who will greet us with open arms on the good days and maybe even the rough days and people to help out with things like babysitting for a short time. It is a huge help to just know we have loved ones we can count on!

I pray everybody has the help of their loved ones, but this, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. Do you have a friend or family member with SPD or who have children with SPD? Ask how you can help them and just be open and accepting. It will make an amazing difference in their lives!

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  1. Such an insightful post. Just a pair of arms, strong embrace and a shoulder to lean on means all the difference in the world when we need that break. No words need to be spoken when it comes to that secure embrace as those arms wrap you up. I know because when my daughter spent a year as an in patient with aggressive bone cancer at 7 I had a few times where I didn’t think we’d get through it whole. But my late Mother, God bless her used to just open her arms and hold us for awhile.Thanks for the post Emilee.
    Carol L

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