About Emilee & Pea of Sweetness

About Emilee

Emilee Roberts at Pea of SweetnessMy name is Emilee Roberts, and I’m the owner and blogger behind Pea of Sweetness. I’m a Christian and a homeschooling mom to my 3 special needs kids who amaze, inspire, and humble me every day. I’m a former dog-trainer and pet parent to a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and a one-eyed Maine Coon cat, a bizarre medium-haired cat, a sweet kitten, a gerbil and fish. They keep me on my toes!

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and our son being diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Autism Spectrum) within the same year and later discovering our younger two children (and I) have Sensory Processing Disorder, I started to consider how our diet and environment could be affecting our health. We started our eco-friendly journey, which is a continuous journey, and I have a passion for sharing a natural, healthy lifestyle with others!

In addition to blogging on Pea of Sweetness, I am starting a gaming/anime blog and relaunching Sweetness Sisters Media as well. Stay tuned! I’m a freelance writer, virtual assistant, and social media manager. I am a mompreneur with a crafting/sewing business and participate in direct sales on the side. 

About Pea of Sweetness

Pea of Sweetness is a Christian lifestyle blog featuring a variety of topics. It was originally founded as a website for my personally made products like cloth diapers, nursing covers, nursing pads, wraps, etc. which was inspired by my own Sweet Pea, our little girl! Her nickname sweet pea quickly became “pea of sweetness” due to randomness on my part, and it stuck! When she was born I decided to embrace attachment parenting methods our first son hadn’t responded to. It was great instinct on my part because she was a totally different baby that thrived on the close bond.

I also wanted to use cloth diapers with her after reading more about others’ experiences with cloth and seeing how CUTE cloth can be, so I started making some of my own, which also helped inspire and compliment our “going green journey.” In my pursuit to find products that are more eco-friendly to better protect our family and share this awareness with others I started blogging and expanded my website!

My crafting/sewing business on which Pea of Sweetness was founded took a side-line when we were walking through a challenging time because I no longer had ample time at the sewing machine at which point Pea of Sweetness turned into a full blog! Pea of Sweetness has continued to grow and change over the past few years and features content such as: homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, special needs, natural/eco-friendly living, product reviews and giveaways, and more! It also has a link to my shop for my personally made products, which are now being produced again – though you’ll find the products are much less baby related! As our children got older, so did my passion for what I produce!

My heart is to share everyday life, our faith, our homeschooling journey, my passion for health, wellness, and natural living while tying in my entrepreneur spirit in sharing my business and craftiness and DIY projects as well as reviews and recommendations of other natural, eco-friendly products and businesses! Welcome to my personal journey to Proverbs 31! I hope you find inspiration, hope, truth, great ideas, and hopefully some great products and recommendations. Whatever I can do to help you on your journey please let me know!



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