Allons Danser! Whistlefritz’s Newest French Learning CD

Disclosure: I received the “Allons Danser” CD to facilitate my French Learning CD review. Regardless, all opinions are mine and those of my family.


I’m so excited that Whistlefritz has released their newest French CD! When I was informed they released “Allons Danser!” – French Learning Songs I knew it would be another great addition to our curriculum!

We use the Cha, Cha, Cha! CD and the Dedans et Dehors DVD. I love their belief in exposing children to a second language while they are young ensures learning success, and that they continue to use the latest research on teaching children languages. They use techniques that are proven – and FUN! They have received many awards and continue to receive more!

French Learning CD

We now incorporate it as part of circle time in our homeschool day as well and alternate the two CD’s. It also comes with a translation guide in the front of the CD as well as the lyrics in French and a list of vocabulary.

Allons Danser, which means “let’s dance” is definitely an appropriate title. The kids were so excited to receive another Whistlefritz DVD, and they are loving it! They love to get up and dance! We have had SO much fun! This is our time to dance and enjoy. Like with the other CD, I do not give full lessons, but rather use immersion as recommended. We do go over the vocabulary, and I often act out words in the songs which really helps.

Like Cha Cha Cha! the songs are repetitious. This has been so helpful in our children’s learning. All three children (ages 8, 6, and 4) already sing along to many of them! The songs cover quite a broad vocabulary including counting, parts of the body, daily routines, toys, greetings and salutations, weather, and more!

Something that took us by surprise with Allons Danser! is that it has a song with which we’re very familiar! “Le Vieux MacDonald.” When the kids heard the tune for “Old MacDonald,” they were SO excited! I found this was helpful because they already know the words to the English song, and if they weren’t sure which animal we were singing about, they could easily discover it when we sang the sound the animals make! It was such a fun discovery and is one of their favorite songs on the CD!

We are so excited for yet another great French CD from Whistlefritz! Whistlefritz does also offer numerous resources for Spanish education including Spanish education resources for homeschoolers. I cannot wait until the next French resource is introduced!

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Check out the details (including listening to parts of the songs!) on the Allons Danser! French Learning CD Page
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  1. Lauryn R

    This CD sounds awesome!! I am about to start homeschooling this Fall with my daughter. It may be a bit advanced for her, she’s starting Kindergarten, but I think it would be a great thing to start now. Especially the Spanish one, as it is increasingly becoming an important language to learn. I will definitely be looking into purchasing these for our classroom! Thanks for the review!

  2. This sounds like a great way to teach kids other languages. Thank you for the review.

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