An Amazing Time at #Babypalooza

One of the awesome events I got to experience at Blogger Bash was Babypalooza! I not only had the chance to connect with some amazing brands and check out some of the latest baby products, but I won some great prizes, too! Not to mention I got to meet the incredible team behind Maletzky Media!

Babypalooza Logo

Babypalooza took place on Thursday, July 14, 2016 aboard the Majesty Yacht! It was so much more than just learning about some of the newest (and impressive) baby products – it was also so much fun! There were giveaways, contests, a celebrity meet and greet and more!

Amazing Baby Products

I got to check out and learn about some amazing baby products! Just a few of the amazing baby products include:

  • A self-installing car seat from 4moms.
  • A high chair that is as easy to clean as putting it in the dishwasher from Fisher-Price. Seriously, even the straps were easy to clean!
  • An innovative way to introduce babies to peanuts with Hello, Peanut!
  • Amazing Baby Carriers – including Toddler Carriers that can be used from 25lbs all the way up to 60lbs from Tula Baby Carriers.

Amazing Baby Products at #Babypalooza

Our youngest is now 6, and I can’t tell you how many times I said “wow, I wish they had that when my kids were babies!” I have many friends and family members that have babies or are expecting, and I couldn’t wait to tell them all about these amazing products – and you as well!

Eco-Friendly Products for the Whole Family

Additionally, I was excited to be introduced to some great eco-friendly products. As parents, we want to use products that are safe for our children. Because of our health challenges, this has been particularly important for our family. It’s also important for me to share that information with others in hopes of helping them protect their families! I love that there were companies there with the same mission of keeping little ones (and even the whole family) safe!

I was so grateful to receive some products both at Babypalooza and the Swag Bag I received! Some of the brands and products I was excited to be introduced to were Oilogic Essential Oil Care, Aleva Naturals, Dolphin Organics, and the familiar Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.

Swag Bag from #Babypalooza

Plus, it was great to see eco-friendly brands I have worked with including Natrapel and Fresh Wave!

Eco-friendly living is about overall health, so I was also happy to see some great nutritional offerings as well like NuturMe and Kabrita.

Games, Giveaways and Celebrity Meet and Greet

As if all the great baby products, eco-friendly products and even products for parents wasn’t enough, there were some fun games and giveaways as well! Shortly after I left Babypalooza I got an email saying I won a prize from Oilogic! I received a great bag of their kid-friendly, properly diluted essential oils as well as some goodies for me!

Winning Prizes at #Babypalooza

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste had an extremely fun challenge. Who can change the diaper the fastest? I’m out of practice, so I wasn’t sure how well (or poorly) I’d do, but I decided to give it a shot. 13 seconds. I say that’s not too bad for someone who hasn’t changed a diaper in a while – not to mention being on a rocking boat! I believe the winner was only around 10 seconds. That’s one skilled dad!

Diaper Changing Challenge

Plus, one of my favorite brands I’ve worked with, Armitron, was there. I not only had the opportunity to meet Noah Galloway, but after returning home I received an email letting me know I won an Armitron Watch! I chose a gorgeous Gunmetal bracelet watch with Rose Swarovski® Crystals! As a Disabled Veteran’s wife, I definitely appreciate all Noah Galloway has done (and does) for the Veteran community!

Meeting Noah Galloway


The amazing thing is, this was just part of it! I had such an amazing time at Babypalooza! I got to learn about some amazing baby products, family-friendly and eco-friendly products, play a fun game, enter some amazing giveaways, and meet an amazing inspiration! What a fabulous time! I am so glad Babypalooza was part of Blogger Bash!

Learn More About Babypalooza

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