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OK, it’s time for the next giveaway – my own! I haven’t yet shared this one here, and I will be posting another under construction page with my link soon! I will eventually add content to my business pages instead of just the link to my websites with those companies, but with that big Expo coming up I have to make sure I’m totally prepared. Ultimately, though, I will always direct you to the websites provided by the companies because THAT is where you will get the most information and be able to purchase products. πŸ™‚

So I know I’ve mentioned I have Fibromyalgia – a chronic pain disorder with chronic fatigue. A year and half ago I discovered what better nutrition and fitness could do for natural management! I started drinking a whole foods shake regularly, and it made a world of difference! I started watching more documentaries about nutrition such as Food, Inc., Food Matters, King Corn, Forks Over Knives, etc. It was all so eye opening! I also started learning more about what super foods can do for us! After my husband got cancer we also became more aware of what we were eating and how we were overall caring for ourselves (more on this later)! I was so excited because I finally felt like I “got my life back.” I stopped taking medications I was taking for the pain, which was such a blessing because who wants to take a lot of medication? I wasn’t completely void of flareups because it is a chronic condition, and there are still flare-ups but nothing like I used to have. I was convinced I would have to use a wheelchair on some days because my legs hurt so badly I could barely walk! Now I’m not only back to “normal,” but I’m working on building up to the fitness level I was prior to having 3 kids! It’s been an exciting journey!

There was something that was still plaguing me – chronic headaches almost daily. I looked again to my nutrition first since I was now aware of how it can affect you. To be honest it wasn’t perfect, but it was MUCH improved. I started cutting out certain things that I knew were triggers and looked at ingredients more closely. Do you know how many products contain artificial sweeteners like Sucralose? Yikes, it’s a BIG trigger for me! I made sure I was staying away from the artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc. to no avail. I turned to my friends with Fibromyalgia to see if chronic headaches plagued them as well and how they handle it. I went to the doctors and they simply said they’re tension headaches with a “migraine-like component.” I started a supplement of D-Ribose in hopes that it would help (because I was assuming the headaches were related to the FMS), and I noticed I was having even fewer flare-ups, so it’s definitely something I recommend for people with chronic pain. My headaches, though, still persisted. I tried other natural products with super foods, anti-inflammatory supplements, etc., still nothing. I was convinced it was just the one thing that I really would “have to live with.” I happened to notice a post in a networking group I was in on Facebook about a company that sells whole food supplements. I looked more into it (because I’m always interested in looking into whole food supplements and super foods), and I was intrigued by a product called Inspirin. I read the testimonials, watched the video, read the ingredients, etc. Wow, did it look impressive! It had the key D-Ribose I was looking to continue in my daily routine as well as a wonderful list of ingredients. With anything I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it! If it doesn’t help my flare ups or headaches I will still get a big dose of nutrition. Visit this link for the full information on Inspirin. There is a brochure, testimonials, etc.


Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, our secret Virtual Massage blend, all in a convenient single-serving Whole Food Delivery!

Whole juicy Raspberry puree, Blackberry puree, Resveratrol from Grapes, Essential Oil of Black Cumin Seed, Essential Oil of Black Raspberry Seed, Hulled Hemp Seeds and Marine Phytoplankton all carry our secret Virtual Massage blend!

Hence… Lose the stress, Ease the pain!

No embalming fluids! INSPIRIN is naturally preserved!

Make Health a Habit, Not an Event… Pleasurable!


So, the news? Yes, I am now an Independent Distributor for Forever Green! What a difference it made for my headaches! The ONLY thing that has ever helped! I ran out of the Inspirin before I thought to order more, and I was plagued with the horrendous headaches again, so I knew it was no coincidence! I have it on auto-ship now, so I won’t have to experience that again! haha When a product has helped that much it was natural that I would want to share it, so now I will! πŸ™‚ (And it didn’t cost anything to become a Distributor! Bonus!!) Forever Green also offers other great whole food supplements and nutrition products, essential oils, natural beauty, personal and household care products.


The Giveaway has ended, but search our current reviews and giveaways for more!

For the giveaway I am giving away a 10-pack of Inspirin!

To enter the giveaway you must simply do the following:

  • Visit my Forever Green website atΒ then comment on this blog post letting me know what product(s) you would like to try the most besides Inspirin, though do mention if you’re excited to try Inspirin! πŸ˜‰ (or have tried and is your favorite)
  • You must be a fan of Pea of Sweetness Facebook Page where you’ll be kept up-to-date on all giveaways and reviews and notified when this giveaway will be coming to an end – in 2 weeks!

*Congrats Jessy G. for winning the 10-pack of Inspirin!*


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  1. I’ve not heard of this company before you but I think the “ElectriFire” sounds interesting! I’m a big fan of natural energy supplements & would LOVE to know more about this one! Have you tried it & if so what do you think?

    • I received a single bottle of the Smooth Electrifire to try. Even the Smooth tasted a little spicy to me, and not like “hot” spicy, but like a strong spiced taste, so that part for me was “different.” Since I only had that one bottle, though, I didn’t have a chance to really experiment with it as far as adding it to my water or anything. I think I’d actually like to try the one with Chili, though. I plan on ordering some because as far as energy goes – I hadn’t felt that good energy-wise in a while! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m excited about trying any of your products but looking at your site I’m thinking I’d like most to try Immuneyes.

  3. This comment is from Mary Daniels: I would most like to try the Pulse.

  4. Wow all the products sound amazing! I did check out the products “AZUL” has me a bit curious along with the “inspirin”!

  5. I am interested in the Inspirin because I have Hashimotos and headaches happen more often these days. I addition I’m really interested in the RawPromise πŸ™‚ because I am getting into raw foods and would love a jump start in taking it to another level

    • Sorry to hear about the headaches. I do know how that is! :/ That’s great that you’re getting into raw foods! You’ll notice a difference there, too!


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