ASD Reading Review

Our oldest son is on the Autism Spectrum and learning to read has been a real challenge for him. It seems he will learn a lot in short bursts but then forget a lot of what he has learned. To learn that Reading Kingdom now offers a program specifically for those with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) I was thrilled!

For our ASD Reading review we received a one-year subscription to ASD Reading which our oldest son (age 9) has been using it 4-5 days per week. It is specifically recommended to use the program at least 4 times per week and usage is calculated so I am aware of how many days he is averaging per week.

Reading Kingdom Review
ASD Reading is ideal for children that are anywhere on the Autism Spectrum including both non-verbal and verbal. It is specifically designed for children that are not yet reading or struggling in learning to read as well as those that decode well but have problems with comprehension. The ideal ages are 4-10 though I believe certainly a child over age 10 that is still struggling to learn to read would benefit from it as well.

Reading Kingdom is web based, so there is nothing to download to your computer, and your child’s progress is always saved. No matter where you are, your child(ren) can hop on a computer connected to the internet and pick up right where they left off. This is also great if you have multiple computers in the home and the children use both like ours do. We used it in addition to our reading curriculum, but it could definitely be used as a main curriculum as well because it covers everything in detail.

ASD Reading Progress

When beginning ASD Reading our son took a placement test. This is great because it ensures your child(ren) will start exactly where needed according to their current ability. He placed much lower than I expected, but it made it that much more clear that he needed a program just like ASD Reading. Plus he really enjoys ASD Reading which means I don’t have to convince him he needs to do it regularly because he wants to do it! Sometimes he completes more than one lesson per day, but it’s not recommended to count that as 2 lessons for the week. The importance is the number of days per week not lessons per week. He usually finishes his lesson within 15 minutes.

As a parent, I can easily access information on his progress. It shows me how he is progressing in each area as well as showing how well he did in certain areas using pictures that represent different statuses from “Not Yet Started” through “Excellent Performance.”

ASD Reading Performance

ASD Reading really does make learning fun while addressing other important points in reading such as reading left to right, for example. Our son is definitely benefiting from the unique style of teaching. Reading often can’t be learned through sounds alone but can improve through vision. Brayden is a visual learner, so I think that is why he does so well.

ASD Reading has many benefits, and I’m so glad it’s a program he enjoys! You can get started with a free 30-Day Trial. They also offer information on additional resources.

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Reading Kingdom Review

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