Why a Balanced Family is a Balanced Wallet


Families are typically budget and cost conscious. Watching where household money flows, as well as cutting costs is the big money topic at homes. Families may attempt to cut costs on non-fixed items such as grocery shopping, entertainment, and other family extras but these make a well balanced family. A well balanced family is a balanced wallet, so it is important to balance cutting current costs with measures that can save in the long run.


Keep the High Grocery Budget

Most people who are interested in saving money in the family budget begin by cutting costs with the grocery bill. Families accomplish this by going for lower cost options in food choices as well as using coupons to decrease the total at the checkout line. One thing that each family should remember is that health and wellness are directly tied into the foods that are being consumed. If a family is eating too many low cost pre-packaged food options, health can suffer. Unhealthy eating habits are the cause of a rise in health care costs, which are higher than any food could ever be. Eating a well-balanced diet as a family is important for wellness and a balanced wallet.


Take Family Game Night Outside

Almost all members of families now lead a sedentary lifestyle. Children spend time behind their desks at school, then come home and watch television or play video games for hours. Many adults spend time in offices, seated during the day, then come home to the television along with the kids. Taking a family walk around the neighborhood or going to the park on the weekends is a great way to keep family life balanced with quality time and exercise. More exercise means that a family stays in decent physical shape and the savings in the health insurance costs will show.


Family Time Leads to More Parental Influence

Families who eat dinner together several times a week have children who statistically turn out ahead of their counterparts. When families do not spend the proper amount of time together, this can affect familial relationships and can lead to unhealthy habits. Having a homemade meal together is lower in price than a fast food choices. Spending time together several nights a will help strengthen the family bonds and lead to a healthier life for everyone in the family.


Keeping an Active Schedule is best for Success

When kids and adults keep a schedule filled with only work, this can lead to a feeling of burnout and the person may turn to unhealthy habits such as fast food, little sleep, and anxiety. When adults and kids keep a balanced schedule that allows for work as well as hobbies, family time, and me time, it will be easier to relax and distress. Having high stress factors means more physical issues. More physical issues can mean crippling health insurance costs. Leading a lifestyle where there is time for work, play, and rest means that the body, mind and spirit are all kept healthy and have lower health insurance costs over the year.

*Thank-you to Dave Smith for this great guest post!*

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  1. desithebonde

    we used to go camping and then dad got on the kids to go bowling


  3. Michelle Elizondo says

    I need to heed the advice!

  4. Krista Bainbridge

    What a great article – I think you are so right about people cutting from the wrong place (grocery bill) and cheaping out. Nothing makes me sadder than when I go into the grocery store only to watch someone with expensive clothes/cars/shoes/phone, etc buy chemical-laden foods that are detrimental to their family. So many dyes, nitrites and other processed things that I just want to shout “throw some organic bananas in the cart for goodness sakes!”

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