Beating Winter Boredom with Lakeshore Learning

Winter finally came, and now beating winter boredom is on our mind. What better way to beat winter boredom than with learning toys? I love watching our kids learn as they’re playing. It’s so much fun to see them learn from each other. Learning toys that encourage not only learning and play but cooperation as well are definitely beneficial!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary product to facilitate our review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Lakeshore LearningIf you’re looking for learning toys for beating winter boredom, Lakeshore Learning has you covered! They offer a variety of great products for Infants – 11 years old. Plus they offer educational products for parents that encourages learning in all areas! We are subject to winter boredom, too, after all!

For our review we received the Real-Working Cash Register.

Beating Winter Boredom Lakeshore Learning

The Real-Working Cash Register is recommended for kids ages 3 – 9 (Pre-K – 4th Grade). It has a real-working calculator with digital display. Kids can add, subtract, multiply and divide. It has realistic looking play money as well as a credit card with an area to swipe the card. The register opens and closes with a fun “ding” sound. They can easily take money and make change!

Beating Winter Boredom with a Real-Working Cash Register

Our kids were so excited to start using it! I sat down with them to help separate the money and show them how to work it. After that, they kind of shooed me out of the way so they could “play store.” Although I’ll admit I kind of wanted to play with them, I was excited to watch them working and playing together. In fact, I couldn’t stop smiling as our daughter (age 8) was explaining to our youngest son (age 5) how money works and talking about cost and explaining how much to pay and why he got back that amount of change. Those are the moments that really just warm my heart.

Together the kids choose random toys to “buy.” One child will operate the register while the other two are the customers. They even play it by themselves sometimes. It’s a great way to get extra practice!

Beat Winter Boredom with Lakeshore Learning Register

I also love that it offers both cash and credit. It gave me the opportunity to explain how credit cards work and answer questions they had about them. Of course, practicing counting money as well as hands-on Math practice is always a big advantage. The kids have really been having so much fun with the Real-Working Cash Register! They love “playing store,” and I love that they are working on their Math skills, cooperation and beating winter boredom at the same time!

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