BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers Review

Thank-you Smiley360 and BIC Mark-It™ for the chance to try their Permanent Markers.


I love good markers. Good permanent markers are hard to find. Permanent markers in various colors are even harder to find. So, when I saw the BIC Mark-It™ mission on Smiley360 I *might* have been drooling a little over these markers. Could these really be permanent markers in 36 different colors with a fine point? Are you serious?! I’ll admit it. I get bored with the same black permanent marker or the primary colors, and there are a lot times I would prefer to use different colors with permanent markers when I’m labeling things or doing projects for homeschool. I label books, make note cards, do art projects, etc. Washable markers are great for the kids, but for me, they just aren’t what I need! When I saw all the amazing colors offered by BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers I was so surprised! Not only do they offer all the colors, but they offer variations of each color! They took the permanent marker far beyond just a labeling tool and into an art tool. I love the rubber grip and fine tips. They also have no added acid and mark on just about everything (which is great as long as you keep them out of little ones’ reaches of course!). Did I mention all the amazing colors? Wow! They also come in a convenient storage case, which I love!

As you can see, when I received my kit for the Smiley360 mission I also got a craft project to try as well. For my craft project I received butterfly wind chimes with gem embellishments and ribbon. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about using permanent markers on the wind chimes. I guess even I am stuck in the mind set that permanent markers aren’t for coloring. They proved me wrong, though, and my first butterfly wind chime turned out pretty cute! Obviously, I did the coloring myself since our kids are too young to use permanent markers, but they loved watching me. I’m usually so busy helping them with their art projects they don’t often get to watch me do my own, and they enjoyed it!



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  1. a49erfangirl says

    The wind chimes turned out gorgeous!

  2. Krista Bainbridge

    Beautiful – looks like these markers do just the thing! 🙂

  3. rochelle33 says


  4. Autumn~Bloggin Momma says

    Ahhhhh I missed this campaign!!! Looks like it was a wonderful one! I LOVE Bic’s markers! They work forever! (Sharpie’s dry up to quick for me!) Luvin the wind-chimes!!

  5. Natalie L. says

    My kids would love these, my oldest loves to draw

  6. says

    Permanent Markers PLUS Spektra AR are industrial markers. They were developed to have longer life. Their colors are more intense, especially on surfaces like plastic bags polyethylene, polypropylene, acetate, Teflon, etc.

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