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The BioBubble is a really unique and incredibly versatile habitat that can be used for a variety of environments like: fish (both saltwater and freshwater), small land animals and reptiles, and can also be used as a greenhouse for the study of plants and insects. From an educational perspective, because the BioBubble can accommodate so many environments it can be used to teach and demonstrate a wide range of subjects, including individual life cycle projects and science or biology curriculum. Real life, hands-on learning!

I received the BioBubble Land Animal/Terrarium Kit for my review for an amazing Educents deal and was excited to get started! I talked to our older two kids about the different options we had for our BioBubble without overwhelming them, so I did narrow it down to options that I preferred. We ultimately decided on getting a small, furry pet, so I chose my favorite (and the one I know the most about having had them for many years) – gerbils. So, despite being sick, we all loaded in the SUV to go find gerbils and accessories. Because gerbils don’t like to live alone we got two. So, we got to work setting up the BioBubble for the perfect gerbil habitat using the 12″ stainless steel mesh riser, carbon pads underneath the bedding to keep it fresh longer, and the ladder and bungalow deck. As you can see in the pictures below our cat was also very curious about the gerbils, but another great feature of the BioBubble is it is REALLY secure. I have no worries that they can get out – or that he could get in!


The kids have have already learned so much! They have learned about the different habit and lifestyle of gerbils, how to properly care for and handle the gerbils, and we had an additional lesson prior to choosing the gerbils when we discussed our options about the various animals we could raise and the habitats in which they live as well as different plants we could grow or insects. So even though we ultimately could only choose the gerbils and not all the others it was still a learning opportunity! We even discussed aquatic life because they were asking questions about fish after seeing the pictures on the box. Just the box itself generated a lot of curiosity and an opportunity to answer questions.


A big advantage of the BioBubble to a homeschool family like ours is the versatility and ease of use. Having small animals opens the door for many learning experiences starting from, as I mentioned, their care and lifestyle. You can create full lessons based on them and branch off into other members in the rodent family and so on. Plus, we can easily take out their exercise wheel and switch out the stainless steel mesh riser for the 8″ bio riser for easy transport, which is perfect for sharing at Co-Op, during travel, and for our upcoming move! Because of its design it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it actually fits in nicely right next to the kids’ computer. Everything about the BioBubble is simple – taking parts off and putting them on. It has an accordion design, which at first I thought was mostly just for using the BioBubble as an aquarium, but if both gerbils are at the bottom level I can lift up the ladder (so they can’t climb up), extend the expandable bellows and switch from the 12″ stainless steel mesh riser to the 8″ bio riser without even needing to take them out. Of course, we love to take them out and play with them, but I find this feature to be handy if a quick transition were needed!

The BioBubble offers such amazing versatility and many educational opportunities whether it be for homeschooling or a classroom. Our set up is just one of the many possibilities, and because there are so many we are considering adding more BioBubbles to our home (and education experience) as well. After seeing some of the amazing aquarium ideas, too, it’s really hard not to want to get the neat aquarium kit, too!

With this amazing Educents deal {expired} now is definitely the time! You get an amazing 46% off and includes your choice of the BioBubble Aquatic Kit, Land & Terrarium Kit, or the full kit which includes accessories for all kinds of habitats. Be sure to visit and see everything that is included in each kit. It’s an amazing deal! You definitely don’t want to miss out!

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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    That looks so fun – I loved gerbils when I was a kid!!! My girls think they want one – but they don’t like super fast moving things, so I think gerbils are a bit much for us right now, lol!

  2. BioBubble looks like a great material for homeschooling. Love the gerbils too 🙂

  3. Heather Wone says

    That is so neat, great summer learning activity for the kids! We are watching tadpoles grow, love teaching my little ones 🙂

  4. Stephanie Lockwood says

    This is so cool! The only pet I’ve ever owned was a hamster. I can’t wait to get my kids a small pet – it’s such a great learning opp!

  5. Autumn~Bloggin Momma says

    That has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen all day!! Since you mentioned Aquatic Kit… I’me taking it that a frog would be just fine? I may have to check into this cool Bubble!! My daughters are begging for a frog and since I use to own 4 at one time…. I have to atleast get them one 🙂

  6. What a cool idea – I thought it was going to be washing powder when I read the name.

    I really hope you enjoy your gerbils 🙂 xx

  7. Cindy Brickley says

    I really wish my son had this when he was little and owned guinea pigs. What a wonderful product. Maybe I will pass this off to my grand kids.

  8. This is TOO cool! I’ve been wanting to set up a terrarium, with possibly a lizard or a cou-ple of small frogs or turtles. This is PERFECT!! I could put it out on the terrace in good weather and let the plants/animals get the air and some sun. Thanks for this, this is going to be for my birthday next week! (I deserve a nice present, right?)

  9. Sarh Snarski says

    This looks really neat!! I know my daughter has wanted a hamster or really any little animal, this would be perfect for one of them.

  10. Isis Erb says

    This seems like a fantastic product, though it needs to be said that it must be easy for the kids to CLEAN so that Mom isn’t stuck cleaning up after any critters… 🙂

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