Keeping our LEGO Bricks Organized with BOX4BLOX

We have two boys that both love to build. In fact, our daughter does as well, and they love to build together and act out interesting stories. Because they love LEGO bricks so much, I have also started adding LEGO curriculum to our homeschooling! So how do we store LEGOs so they are organized? They can become quite a mess, and well, we all know it’s not nice to step on a LEGO! That’s why I was thrilled to review BOX4BLOX.

Disclosure: I received the product complimentary to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.


BOX4BLOX offers a great solution for storing LEGO bricks. No more stepping on LEGO bricks or losing them or getting them caught in the vacuum cleaner! The BOX4BLOX includes 3 stackable trays in bold, primary colors. It can hold up to approximately 1600 pieces. 1600! Amazing, right?

When placed in the correct order, BOX4BLOX works much like a sifter. Simply put all the LEGO bricks in the top tray and the smaller pieces will sift down to the bottom while larger pieces stay up top. Of course, it’s recommended to wait to put the large pieces in until last. Each tray has open squares, which get smaller until you reach the bottom tray with a solid bottom.

When used in this way all the largest blocks will be in the top (yellow) tray, medium and large blocks will sift to the blue tray, small to medium will sift to the red tray, and all those itty bitty pieces that are hard to find sift all the way to the bottom making them extremely easy to find!

Store LEGOs Easily with BOX4BLOX

As much as I love how unique BOX4BLOX sorting is, our oldest son had a different idea. Because he is on the Autism spectrum, sorting is something that is important to him. I thought for sure the natural function of it would be ideal for him, but he decided he prefers to take all the trays apart and put them in a specific way – particularly keeping pieces from the same project together. Of course, the smaller bricks do fall to the bottom, but he does understand that so it’s not a big deal.

I think it’s wonderful, though! However he wants to organize them is OK – I just love that they are organized and not all over the floor in their room or getting lost under the other toys in the big toy boxes. It has made a great addition to their room, and they love having such a fun storage system for their LEGO bricks.

In fact, I had to practically bed them to let me take pictures because they wanted it to stay in its rightful spot in their room! I love this because it means they actually enjoy picking up after they build. Can you imagine? I used to get a big fuss when it was cleanup time, but now they enjoy putting them away! It’s wonderful!

BOX4BLOX to Organize LEGOs

I think BOX4BLOX is such a great, unique way to store LEGOs. I love that the kids enjoy it and that I don’t see LEGO bricks all over the floor anymore!

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  1. this is perfect and attractive, too! This solves the downside of Legos, that they end up everywhere and many lost! wow!

  2. This is such a great idea! We have legos all over our house on a regular basis and no matter how we organize we try to keep them, they alway seem to escape! 😉 Thanks!
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