Catch-A-Poop Review

Disclosure: I received a Catch-A-Poop in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


Catch-A-Poop is a new way to make cleaning up after your pup(s) a lot easier and much cleaner! Dog waste actually contaminates the ground and can pass intestinal parasites and infections to dogs as well as people. So not only is it important to clean up after our pups for sanitary/health reasons, but many of us HAVE to.

I know I would clean up after our mastiff regardless. Who wants that mess and contamination in their backyard? When you have young children on top of it (and a small yard to boot) it is most definitely important to not only clean up, but also to do so quickly! Many, like us, also live in rentals that require us to keep our yards clean!


There are so many options out there made for such a task, but most of them require bending over or aren’t very “clean.” Catch-A-Poop offers an alternative to all of it. It truly is a hands-free way to clean up after your pup. It is eco-friendly and includes bio-degradable bags that automatically seal ready for disposal! No messy clean-up and no mess left behind!

Plus, Catch-A-Poop has an adjustable pole. If you have back issues or just want to keep your distance, it is the perfect alternative! I found I can move a chair to the end of our patio and sit down while using it! No more bending over and scooping, which has always been hard on both my back and knees due to my chronic pain condition.

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Because our mastiff is always a little nervous it did take a couple of uses until she got used to the idea of the Catch-A-Poop being behind her. I imagine smaller dogs may feel this way at first as well, but it is really worth the patience! I just used positive reinforcement, and by day 3 it was no big deal! Our yard is now cleaner and safer for her and our family!

As I mentioned, Catch-A-Poop is not only more sanitary but also a better option for me as scooping can be painful. Now I can sit down, and clean up is a breeze! I don’t even have to tie the bag! I love that the bags are self sealing and bio-degradable as well!

As a former dog trainer I used to recommend products to my pet parents that I felt are beneficial, and Catch-A-Poop is definitely something I would have mentioned because it protects the health of both the dog and family and is convenient and environmentally friendly as well!

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  1. Donna Wharton says

    Very innovative. I was impressed with the device and would purchase it.

  2. Julie Bickham says

    I like how it snaps shut and is sealed!

  3. Krista Bainbridge

    I like that it seals shut – I wonder what my dog would think of that?? He is such a nervous pooch!

  4. love this product would love to win this terrific

  5. Molli Knowles says

    i love how it snaps shut… wonder if this would help me be able to handle the schooping?

  6. krista grandstaff says

    The snapping shut and sealing makes it so worth buying… I have 3 dogs, an assortment of sizes…terrier, basset hound puppy and great dane… I like that this would be adjustable for all three 🙂

  7. Yeah no more bending over to pick up present.

  8. Irene Cypher says

    I love Seal, Tear, Toss! No scooping up poop ever again! Yahoo!

  9. william saylor says

    great idea just wonder how my dog would react to me following behind them with it.

  10. Darlene Carbajal says

    No contact with germs!

  11. Hike Maryland says

    The germ free way of collecting waste appealed to me most.

  12. I like the idea of catching it and hands free

  13. Christian Alejandro says

    I love that they autoship, so don’t have to worry about running out of bags.

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