Red Letter Paper Company Valentine’s Cards Review

Red Letter Paper Company offers Christian cards with a modern edge. Their cards don’t look like traditional cards you would see in the stores. Each card has a related scripture verse on the back, which they believe is a more subtle way to send a greeting with a little Faith attached. For my review I […]

Conversations with God Review and Giveaway (ends 1/30)

About “Conversations with God”: This is the author’s personal thoughts about life, prayers, ideas, etc. She put this together to help send warm clothing to others during the cold seasons and holidays. ALL proceeds will be donated to ship out warm clothing, coats and portable heaters to those that have children with Autism. The heaters […]


I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others. Usually how I end up feeling is not so good, so I’m not sure why I do it! I don’t like when others do it to me, so why do I do it to myself? Ultimately, I think it’s a rhetorical question. It’s just part […]

A “Real” Man

My husband often gets poked fun at or questioned about his choices because he’s a man of God. He’s experienced everything from people trying to talk him into going to “gentlemen’s clubs” to people trying to get him to look at their pictures of pornography/nude women. I’m also somewhat shocked (and extremely sad and disappointed) […]


Well, I suppose a lot has slipped away this week! I’m behind on posting Love Dare updates – again, I haven’t posted a daily personal post, and I didn’t even post a Wordless Wednesday! *Gasp* But hey, I’m human! A very tired and overwhelmed human! LOL It definitely has been tiring getting the little guy […]

The Love Dare Challenge

I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t posted about The Love Dare challenge in a while. The truth is I have fallen behind – not just in my posts, but in my reading as well! 😡 I’m sure many would say with all I have going on right now it’s understandable, but I’m still pretty disappointed […]

The Love Dare – new start date

Well, I got a little ahead of myself when I proposed 2 challenges for the month of June. I tend to like to start things on nice, simple days like the 1st. We have, indeed, begun our health challenge for June! Proposing we start The Love Dare challenge on June 1st as well was a […]

June Challenges

Yes, that’s right – challengeS! As you know I always do a health and fitness based monthly challenge. For May it was my Pushup Challenge, which I’m rounding out today. Those that were taking the challenge with me – how did you do? I fell behind because of injury and then illness! Blech! I found […]

Chasing the Wind

Last night as I read my Bible Reading Plan I copied and pasted the devotional portion on a note on my phone. (Day 118) “Solomon summarized all his attempts at finding life’s meaning as “chasing the wind.” We feel the wind as it passes, but we can’t catch hold of it or keep it. In […]


Our Easter yesterday definitely didn’t go “as planned.” I was having a hard time waking up from hardly getting any sleep that night and my husband ended up getting sick, so needless to say we stayed home all day when our plans were to go to Church and the Easter Egg hunt after service. We […]

On the 7th Day…

I know there is some theological discord on which day is actually the Sabbath, but one thing we know for sure is that on the 7th Day God rested. ( I admit I didn’t often think much of the day of rest or what it could mean for myself and my family. When you are […]

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