BoRegards Pet Safety Plaque Review

Fire safety and fire awareness should be a priority in our homes. Statistics are quite alarming regarding how home fires affect average people, such as every 22 seconds a fire department responds to an emergency situation and every 82 seconds a home structure fire is reported with one civilian fire injury reported every 31 seconds […]

Common Courtesy

I know common courtesy isn’t very “common,” but it still is disappointing when you run into a situation where someone’s lack of courtesy ruins your time. My husband REALLY wants me to start adding fishing to my blog. I am, after all, the one who catches the fish! haha (Refer to my Wordless Wednesday post.) […]

Wordless Wednesday – Link Up!

Wordless Wednesday: Fishing!     Do you have a Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday to share? Link up below!

Wordless Wednesday – Link Up!

Wordless Wednesday Flash back – end of Spring! Do you have a Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday to share? Link up below!

Wordless Wednesday – Link Up!

  We’re also linking up here!    Link up! Do you have a wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday to share? Link up below!  

Footie Pajamas

I LOVE footie pajamas! I think they look really cute on kids – particularly when they’re babies and toddlers. When we were living near Washington DC we had seasons, and although it wasn’t like the winters I was used to growing up in Ohio, it still got pretty cold. Remember the winter of 2009 when […]

Wordless Wednesday – Link Up!

Fishing! Do you have a Wordless (or maybe not so wordless) Wednesday to share? Link up below! (Must be family-friendly! Please no advertisements!)

My Breastfeeding Journey

You know I’ve had unique experiences when it comes to parenting – that is for sure! Breastfeeding was definitely no exception! I went from my first experience of only being able to breastfeed for 2 weeks to still breastfeeding our 25 month old! I had some bumpy roads and learned a lot along the way. […]

Our one-eyed kitten

You may have seen on my Facebook page that we adopted a kitten a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, it was inevitable. Our daughter LOVES cats. We knew we would get one, but honestly we didn’t plan on getting one so soon! I knew the decision would ultimately be my husband’s because he had a […]

Wordless Wednesday – Link Up!

Play Time!   This, though, sums up our past week perfectly! LOL For some fun Wordless Wednesdays posts – Check out: Or – do you have a Wordless Wednesday to share? Link up below!    

Sensory Concerns – Our Toddler

I’ve been doing a few giveaways and reviews lately, and not much else! I want to keep my site “well-rounded!” 🙂 One of the things I said I would incorporate with the new year was being more personal/personable. I knew that I was going to incorporate Homeschooling, life in general, etc., but there is so […]

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