Fishing Fridays – Getting ready!

Depending on where you live you might feel like fishing weather is still far off. Of course, you can go fishing in any type of weather, but how you fish and what you can catch will vary. Because fish are cold-blooded they move more slowly in cold water, so if you prefer to fish for […]

Fishing Fridays – an educational experience

For today’s Fishing Fridays I want to share how fishing can be an educational experience. I always knew that it was because kids obviously learn a lot from hands on experience, but this week I actually realized HOW much they have learned through our time out fishing! We are learning about sea animals in Science, […]

Fishing Fridays – 10 Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid

I know it’s been a while since I made a “Fishing Fridays” post, but it’s time to bring them back! Today I have an awesome guest post with some great tips for beginners!   Fishing: 10 Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid Fishing can decrease stress, enhance relationships, and provide a great meal for dinner. Even the […]

Fishing Fridays – Guest Post

Today’s Fishing Friday is a guest post from Melissa at Adventures with Captain Destructo! Thanks for sharing, Melissa! My dad always told me that the secret to building a strong relationship with your children is to find some common interests with them.  For me and my dad, this was two things:  fishing and horse racing […]

Fishing Fridays – Lake Livingston

I have something different to share for today’s Fishing Friday! We’re out at my grandparents’ lake house on Lake Livingston, and we took the boat out! The kids have been in our canoe with the little trolling motor, but it was only for a short time because our youngest went into sensory meltdown from the […]

Fishing Fridays – Fishing License

Today is the day all Texas State Fishing Licenses Expire, so we went and got our fishing licenses renewed! If you’re a Texas resident don’t forget to renew your fishing license!! I know we will be enjoying some great fishing this weekend! Hopefully I’ll catch another big bass, and we’ll actually bring the cooler this […]

Fishing Fridays – video

For today’s Fishing Friday we went fishing! Original, I know! Haha I took a little video. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch anything today, so not much action other than just sharing a snippet of our family fishing! We got out there late, too, so video time was quickly limited by the sun setting! Ipad videos aren’t […]

Fishing Fridays

*For today’s Fishing Friday I’m tying in today’s NaBloPoMo, which is “What is the sweetest thing someone did for you today?” Well, THIS is the sweetest thing someone has done for me today! Today’s fishing Friday is a guest post from someone very special who doesn’t even like writing very much! haha Today’s Fishing Friday […]

Fishing Fridays

Fishing Fridays – Why fishing?

So some may wonder “why fishing?” We decided last year we needed a family hobby. It’s something both my husband and I enjoy, and as I mentioned in my post about fishing with kids – it is most definitely possible to still have a good time with the whole family! Even when the kids aren’t […]

Fishing Fridays – catching a turtle

This past weekend we went over to Houston to spend time with my dad before his first surgery. We naturally ended up at my grandparents’ Lake House at Lake Livingston because we all love to fish. My dad actually lives in Ohio but is staying in Houston to have his cancer treatment at MD Anderson. […]

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