Grammar 101: To, Too, Two

For this week’s Grammar 101 we have another set of words that sound the same and often get confused. The most common mistake is mixing up “to” and “too,” though I have seen “two” thrown in the mix as well. Let’s begin by breaking them down. To: Well, this is a complicated one. “To” is […]

Grammar 101: Appropriate use of the ” ‘s “

I was originally going to title this post “Plural S vs. Possessive S” since there seems to be a growing problem where people are using the ” ‘s ” when, in fact, the word is simply a plural word. Plural words alone don’t require an apostrophe. Fellow grammar friends please excuse me for using a […]

Grammar 101: Their, They’re, and There

I apologize for my delay in getting this next post up in my series. I have not been well as I’ve mentioned in other posts, so unfortunately some posts had to get postponed. Without further delay, let’s move forward with clearing up the differences between “their,” “they’re,” and “there.” This post would be almost identical […]

Grammar 101: Your vs. You’re

I am going to start with the grammar mistake I see the most because I’m not very good at ignoring the elephant in the room. So, instead of ignoring it, I want to address this common mistake right off the bat. Most commonly “your” is used when “you’re” needs to be used. Once in a […]

My New Series! Grammar 101

When I decided to start a series on grammar I wasn’t sure if it was best in the “For Bloggers” Category or “Homeschool.” After much thought I decided to choose both. As writers and bloggers I believe we should be very careful about using correct grammar. It shows that we are both serious and professional. […]

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