Freezer Meals Made Easy {MyFreezEasy Review}

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Please refer to my Disclosure Policy for more information. Freezer meals have always been something I know would make things a little easier, but I didn’t know where to start. Despite multiple pins it still just felt like it was something that wasn’t attainable. When I was presented with […]

How to Freeze Green Beans and Wax Beans {Without Fancy Equipment}

How do you freeze beans? I actually wasn’t planning on freezing the beans, but sometimes you have to innovate! A couple weeks ago I was so excited to take home a big harvest from our garden. One of the biggest challenges we have is that our garden is at my dad’s house in a small […]

A Better Egg {And a Breakfast Burrito Recipe}

When it comes to food labels things just aren’t straight forward anymore. I used to think buying “Cage Free” eggs was ideal until I learned what’s really going on. “Cage Free” no longer means the hens are treated humanely or have plenty of room to live naturally. Now it simply means they’re not in a […]

Gardening with the Whole Family

Gardening for us is a family activity. Family gardening can be such a rewarding experience. I love getting the kids involved in our garden. They helped us plan our garden and get right into the hard work as well. Gardening can be a great educational experience as well as a family bonding experience. Here are […]

How We Planned our Garden Using Apps

Although we did have some great harvests last year, we also made many gardening mistakes including using no garden planning at all. This year we wanted to make sure we did things the right way. That’s not to say we won’t make mistakes, of course. We decided to start smart, though, with actually planning. Seems […]

How to Pickle Cucumbers for Refrigerator Pickles

We were so excited to be able to have a garden this year. It was our first year gardening here in Ohio and although we made some mistakes we did get some good harvests. The one vegetable of which we had an abundance was cucumbers. Although I’m not particularly in love with cucumbers themselves I […]

Can-It-Forward Day

This year we have successfully grown some fruits and vegetables! We didn’t have much gardening luck in Texas, but our garden here in Ohio has thrived. We’ve already started harvesting and need to do something with what we have. I’ve already made 5 jars of dill pickles (I’ll be sharing my recipe soon), but I […]

A Family Favorite – Baked Spaghetti {Recipe}

Oh how our family loves spaghetti. Well, we love any pasta really – except for my husband who has a very limited list of foods he likes! One family favorite and a recipe I love to use when we have guests is baked spaghetti. It’s easy to prepare, and you can even use leftover spaghetti […]

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is Here!

Ah homemaking. It’s something I’ve tried so hard at which to strive. I’ve set my standards of what I thought our perfect home should be. And then real life happened… …laundry, diapers, stretch marks, and never-ending meal prep… financial worries, dirty floors, soap scum, and the stain that won’t come out of my favorite shirt… […]

Eco-Friendly DIY Laundry Detergent

*Update 5/1/2016: When this post was originally shared in Dec 2014, I was working on shifting my focus on Pea of Sweetness away from eco-friendly living so I could focus more on homeschooling, homemaking, etc., though eco-friendly would always be part of it as it’s a huge part of our lifestyle. I was moving it […]

Cooking with Colavita – Mixing Things Up! #MomsLoveColavita

It’s no secret I love Italian food. I’m pretty sure my love of Italian food is rubbing off on our children as well, which is good for me because that means I can make it more often! The problem is, though, I’ve kind of gotten stuck in a rut. I like all sorts of Italian […]

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