Grapevine Studies Review

Including the Bible is an important part of our homeschool. When our children are learning hands on, they tend to retain more of what they are learning. That’s why I love that Grapevine Studies offers a variety of hands-on homeschool Bible study lessons for ages 3 and up. For our review we received Birth of […]

Critical Thinking Company Review

As our children continue to get older, I encourage independent learning. I love resources that not only help them learn on their own but actually teach them how to use resources to help them learn. Surfing the Net: Science from The Critical Thinking Co. is a resource that helps children use the Internet to learn […]

Standard Deviants Accelerate Review

Our homeschool is all about flexibility. Some days we do a lot of hands-on work and other days the kids do a lot of independent work. Having resources the support independent learning is important to our family because it helps foster independence with our older children and also gives me a chance to work with […]

Maestro Classics Review

I always love that music and learning go hand in hand. All of our children love music and learn a lot through it! I was really excited to be introduced to Maestro Classics and have the opportunity to review Peter and the Wolf. Maestro Classics offers something unique that I’ve never quite seen before. They […]

Apologia The Ultimate Homeschool Planner Review

Over the past couple of years I’ve learned that even if I’m using digital options I still like to have a physical planner as well. Finding a physical planner that works with our unconventional homeschool schedule is definitely challenging. I was definitely intrigued to see all The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia Educational Ministries has […]

Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons { Brookdale House Review }

I love grammar. More importantly, I love correct grammar. Because of this it’s always something I’ve been particular about teaching our kids whether it’s formal instruction or just impromptu lessons when something comes up. It actually hasn’t been easy finding grammar resources for younger children like ours – even our oldest two who are ages […]

Teaching Science with Living Waters { Review } offers a variety of Christian movies for the whole family. Check out our review of Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth.

Miss Rumphius Study Guide { Progeny Press Review }

After reviewing the Frog and Toad Together Study Guide from Progeny Press last year, I was excited for another Progeny Press review opportunity. Progeny Press offers a wide variety of study guides to compliment a variety of books for grades K-12. For our review we received the Miss Rumphius E-Guide. The Miss Rumphius E-Guide is […]

ASD Reading Review

Our oldest son is on the Autism Spectrum and learning to read has been a real challenge for him. It seems he will learn a lot in short bursts but then forget a lot of what he has learned. To learn that Reading Kingdom now offers a program specifically for those with an ASD (Autism […]

Learning French with Middlebury Interactive Languages {Review}

I studied French for many years, so when I started homeschooling, I knew I wanted our kids to learn French as well. I am always on the lookout for great online French curriculum and resources for our homeschool, so I was definitely excited for the opportunity to review Elementary French 1, Grades K-2 from Middlebury […]

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Our homeschooling is pretty much eclectic. I often use one curriculum for this and another one for that and pull bits and pieces from worksheets and printables to supplement and mix things up as well. We do best with fresh material or additional material to reinforce what we’re learning. I don’t have time to search […]

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