If you are a homeschooling family like we are I’m sure you are always on the hunt for helpful homeschooling resources. is a helpful website for homeschoolers by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Whether you are looking to build up your homeschooling curriculum or supplement it has something for everyone! has resources available […]

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review – November Issue

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine offers a free monthly publication for homeschool families. It is a valuable resource for homeschool families that can be accessed online or through your tablet or smart phone. When I first discovered I could access it on my iPad as well, I was very excited because there are many times I’m […]

Reading Eggs – first two weeks FREE!

This is a great opportunity from Reading Eggs! It’s a great program to help your children learn to read! If you have young kids like ours this is such a great program, and now my readers can take advantage of a 2 week FREE trial to Reading eggs! No strings attached! There is no credit […]

Sick week

Sure we all have sick days here and there, but last week was a sick week in our house. It was terrible! We had a stomach bug that trickled through the kids and me, and I got it BAD. I haven’t been that sick in a long time! I couldn’t even get on the computer […]

We have a curriculum

Well, I did it! After tossing around the idea of getting a curriculum this year or just making my own, I decided to get a curriculum! Talk about a last-minute decision! I wasn’t feeling well again today (it’s a medication issue I hope will be fixed early next week!), I ended up just resting for […]

Free eBook: Homeschooling for FREE & Frugal has released another awesome eBook – for FREE!   It’s as simple as “Liking” their Facebook Page or subscribing to their feeds to get access to not only this new awesome book but also their Free & Frugal Homeschooling Planning Pack. We’re homeschooling through the summer, but even if you’re taking a summer break […]

Homeschool Transcript Templet

This was shared from a homeschooling group, and the organizer in me absolutely loved it! My kids are still a little young, so it’s not some we can personally use at this time, but it’s one less thing I have to find later! I’m loving how many free resources are available out there! This website […]

Speaking of busy…

I wasn’t kidding! haha But I’m finally starting to catch up on things! I have decided to homeschool, which is something I always WANTED to do, but I tossed around the idea for a while and eventually decided I “couldn’t handle it” with our oldest (now 5 – Kindergarten) because he’s on the Autism spectrum. […]

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