Veterans Day and Movember

I know you might be thinking that’s a strange title for a post. I mean, what do Veterans Day and Movember have to do with each other? Well, for our family you could say they’re “related.” In case you haven’t yet heard of Movember here is a great description from their website: During November each […]

That “Crunchy Lady”

Isn’t it amazing how much we grow and change through the years – and how situations cause us to look at a new perspective, which initiates changes as it is in my case. If you would have told me 7 years ago that I would be shopping for natural and organic products and scrutinizing ingredients […]

Wave of Light – Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

Last year I shared a post about the history of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month in October. If you haven’t yet had the chance to read it, I really hope you will take the time to do so today. Read it here. Today, October 15th, specifically is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. On […]

We have Moved! {Some Updates}

I’m sorry things slowed to a trickle this week and some of my more regular content has been posted less than usual. Everything got a little hectic, and I got overwhelmed. I first had to make sure I was taking care of commitments I had made as far as posts go, and then I otherwise […]

Houston Vacation Highlights

There were different posts for our awesome 4th of July mini vacation to Houston, but I wanted to share a wrap-up so you can see just how much you can enjoy in a few days in Houston! Right now it’s about a 3 hour drive for us to visit Houston, so we left here on […]

Weekly Wrap-up: Woo hoo!

Clearly it was an exciting week. And clearly I need to change my “Weekly Wrap-Up” button and various other graphics that match my old theme and not the new one! I couldn’t possibly post a weekly wrap-up good enough to cover just the last few days. The good news is – I don’t have to! […]

I changed my mind

I said when I began The Ultimate Blog Challenge I wouldn’t include review posts in my “post every day” requirements. I noticed many others do, and I figured, why not? After all, reviews aren’t just a copy and paste post. Although in a review we share factual information about a product or service, we also […]

One More Day!

Tomorrow is the day! We will be off on our trip to Houston with the Go Houston! Travel Bloggers. We’re getting everything packed and ready to go so we can leave in the morning. We’ll drop our pup off at our friend’s house and then we’ll be off on our 3-hour drive! We actually visit […]

Insomnia at its Finest

I’ve had sleep issues as long as I can remember. The chronic fatigue came later in life along with my diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Although I am more tired now than I was then the sleep problems have been ongoing since I was a child. I’ve always had a hard time sleeping. […]

Weekly Wrap-up: Rocky Recovery

This week started off with our little guy’s surgery on Monday. It started off as I expected. He isn’t a “morning person” for one (just like his momma!), so he was crying about even going to the hospital. Then he refused to put his name bracelet on once we checked in. Then he screamed about […]

Weekly Wrap-Up – What a Wreck

That’s almost a tongue twister isn’t it? haha I’ve been making it a point to ask those in my Blog networking group what their goals are for the week, so I’ve been sharing some of my own as well. One of the goals I didn’t share was I want to start doing a weekly wrap-up […]

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