Crazy Busy

Wow. The past 2-3 weeks have been crazy. We’ve been getting over the tail end of a cold or flu. We’ve been trying to get into our new routine with the homeschool Co-Op (which we ended up even missing once already because we were sick!). Plus I’ve been having technical issues with my site. So […]

2 Years

My husband has officially been cancer free for two years now! This also means he no longer has to follow up with his oncologist as often. We also got some good news at his most recent follow-up. To understand how good this news is I first need to provide some background. There are many types […]

Faces of Sensory Processing Disorder

As you know, our younger 2 children have Sensory Processing Disorder, but the picture in the middle might surprise you. Yes, that’s me. After almost 3 years of “maybe this,” “maybe that,” and a definite misdiagnosis everything has finally come together. I have Sensory Processing Disorder. Knowing what I know about it and all I’ve […]

Technical issues

So I typed out a whole Fishing Fridays post, and I attempted to post it multiple times. Something has been going on with our Internet for quite some time, but every time they come out to “fix” it they tell us nothing is wrong. Particularly at night, though, the Internet is in and out constantly. […]

Working with What I Have

I noted in another post that I’m really bad about comparing myself to others. I also mentioned I haven’t been feeling well, which makes me a little more emotional. In other words, I’m more apt to take things personally and get upset. It’s hard enough when you compare your work to others’ and feel like […]

I haven’t been well

A lot of times we parents don’t get a break, and I’m blessed that I have such a supportive husband who does everything he can to make sure I DO get a break and get some rest when I’m not well. Unfortunately, he has his own medical issues, of course, from the chemo, so we […]

The Misconception – I’m not Supermom

I think a lot of things are based on perspective, and I know this to be particularly true because I have heard totally different perspectives regarding myself as a wife and mother. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they truly don’t understand my medical issues or that they don’t […]

That was scary!

If you happened to visit my blog around Jan 4th or 5th you may have gotten an ugly red notice from Google. If you did and now you’re back – THANK YOU for being a loyal reader! The issue has been resolved! The whole incident was scary for me! After deciding to focus more on […]


I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others. Usually how I end up feeling is not so good, so I’m not sure why I do it! I don’t like when others do it to me, so why do I do it to myself? Ultimately, I think it’s a rhetorical question. It’s just part […]

Fab Mum Award!

  I absolutely love the blogger friends I’ve made and have been making! I love little things like this “The Fab Mum Award!” Thank-you to Jill at Frugal Plus for nominating me! 🙂 Thank-you, Jill! I was surprised (and excited) to receive your nomination! I LOVE learning more about the writers of the blogs I […]

Making Changes

Well, I’ve left some people in suspense as I made it clear that I will be making some changes to begin the New Year. I am not sure anybody that doesn’t know would suspect what these changes may be and others might have seen it coming as soon as I said I was going to […]

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