What are Cervicogenic Headaches?

I know I’ve posted quite a bit about my health issues. Unfortunately, it’s just part of my life. A BIG part of my life right now. Between chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, it can get overwhelming, but the most debilitating of all has been chronic headaches. It wasn’t until recently I learned they […]

The Unintentional Flake – {Living with a Chronic Condition}

For the past few months my health has not been on my side. I’ve had chronic migraines for months straight with just a little relief for a couple of weeks after giving in and going to Urgent Care and getting the Toradol shot. After a couple months of waiting, I finally got in to see […]

I’m Getting Tired of Writing Cliché Phrases

Something that comes along with working with a chronic condition (at least for me) is the need to use cliché phrases over and over and over again. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather slam my head into the wall rather than have to write “I’m sorry, it’s been a rough week” one more time. I’m […]

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