Weekly Wrap-Up: Birthdays

I just got back a couple hours ago from a weekend up at my grandparents’ lake house to celebrate our boys’ birthdays. Our youngest son turned four on Saturday, and our oldest son will turn eight on Wednesday. We were hoping to have a birthday party with friends, decorations, a pinata, etc. Unfortunately, either people […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Happy Easter!

Oh my goodness it has been a crazy week! Most of the week I was just trying to get a lot of stuff done to gear up for taking the weekend off. Well, at least until now when I’m now frantically trying to catch up on the things I *didn’t* get done! Unfortunately, our youngest […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

So, I decided it’s a theme to start my Weekly Wrap-Ups with “it’s been a crazy week.” haha You may have noticed I didn’t post a Weekly Wrap-Up last week because I was a bit overwhelmed. I missed this past Wordless Wednesday, too, on both blogs. I’m still not sure it’s worth the time commitment, […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week was wild! Wow! So I tried to get all my physical planners together to realize I have completely lost the new homemaking planner I bought a couple months ago. Seriously, I can’t find it anywhere! I was so frustrated! In the meantime, though, I got the other planners together and started a plan […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week started off with some excitement! Monday we had our new living room set delivered and the landlord finally sent the people to cut down the tree branches. There was one branch in particular our neighbors needed us to cut down due to it being right over their roof. On days where we get […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well it was definitely another busy, FULL week! I am finally catching up but had to take a couple days off this week due to my overwhelming fatigue. I’m still working on that. We did a lot of physical stuff at the end of the week – a full day of shopping on Friday, gun […]

Weekly Wrap-Up – SO Behind!

Wow, wow, wow! (I totally just thought of Wubbzy!) It has been yet another busy, FULL week! I am still SO behind on a lot of things, and it really started to get to me this week. Not only because I’m behind on posts, but because I also feel like I’ll never get unpacked, and […]

Weekly Wrap-Up – My Husband’s 30th Birthday

What an exciting weekend! Although I was still bound to my iPad for a couple of hours over the weekend while the others enjoyed some fishing, I did get to go up to my grandparents’ lake house this weekend nonetheless where we celebrated my husband’s 30th birthday! What a blessing! As he often states he […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

It was CRAZY this week! My CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) was in full swing this week. It was brutal. The worst part is, it’s hard to explain to people, but I feel like I *have* to. I mean, I’m exhausted and have a hard time waking up earlier than lunch time. So it’s assumed it’s […]

Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s been an “interesting” week. That’s the word I use when I really have no idea how else to describe it! I’m going to call the doctor tomorrow and make an appointment. The issues are bad enough at this point that they need to be addressed. It’s annoying and frustrating. I can’t get the supplements […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Flareups and Headaches

Oh this just wasn’t my week! My Fibromyalgia was flaring up, the battle of insomnia and chronic fatigue kept raging, and I even had a couple of killer migraines. Wow! It was a bit rough! Unfortunately, that also means I didn’t get a lot done. In fact, I fell behind on some of stuff because […]

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