Weekly Wrap-Up: He’s Home!

Slowly but surely things are getting done. The biggest blessing was despite some uncertainty my husband DID get to come home on Wednesday! What a blessing! He even brought home a little retirement gift from the Army. It included a flag, a pin, and some other goodies, but most of all, it included closure. It […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Moving In!

Well, I’m tired. REALLY tired. Even when I sleep I don’t sleep. Does that ever happen to you? It’s been just over a week since we moved. It’s been exactly a week since the movers came and delivered all of our stuff. Yet here I am still surrounded by boxes. I’m trying not to be […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Getting Ready to Move

Wow it’s been a crazy week! Tuesday we had to go down to San Antonio (a 3 hour drive) for my husband’s Oncology appointment. They used to reimburse us for gas, but since they offer a shuttle they won’t reimburse us anymore. Since he had to be back up here before the shuttle would bring […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Little Late

I’m a day late posting this. I am trying to stick to my “Sundays are my day off” thing, but I didn’t have this post ready to be scheduled. So, it’s a day late instead. I’m still not completely caught up, and whenever I feel like I’m close I have more work added. I DO […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: My Birthday

Yesterday (August 24th) was my birthday! Unfortunately, I had the onset of pleurisy. Have you ever had it? Oh, it hurts to breathe and even eat sometimes! The good news is we didn’t plan anything elaborate, so it was a good day to just take it easy! I received the DVD/Blu-ray set of the first […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Er, 3 Weeks

Yes, I realize I haven’t posted my Weekly Wrap-Up for the past 2 weeks, so this is really 3 weeks worth of wrap-ups! Eek! In case you missed the news – I haven’t been well. They don’t know what’s going on, though. I’m having chest pains, palpitations, shortness of breath, and just an overall “blah” […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: Almost Caught Up

This week has been crazy! Have you seen the number of posts I’ve been cranking out? Wowzers! Wait, how do you spell that? My major insomnia issues have come in handy for getting some of it done, but have been taking a major toll on me otherwise. The crazy thing is I’m still not “caught […]

Weekly Wrap-Up: I Don’t Want to Post

Did you just read that correctly? The writer who can’t keep her weekly wrap-up under 1000 words doesn’t want to post? It’s just been one of “those” weeks. Things are busy and stressful (including my editorial calendar), and sometimes it’s just not as enjoyable. I even typed out a fairly long post about how a […]

Weekly Wrap-up: Phew!

What a crazy yet uneventful week! I have never felt so busy yet gotten so little done – or at least felt like I got so little done! Physically I have hit that point where enough is enough, and I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to talk about resolving this issue. I finally have […]

Weekly Wrap-up: Woo hoo!

Clearly it was an exciting week. And clearly I need to change my “Weekly Wrap-Up” button and various other graphics that match my old theme and not the new one! I couldn’t possibly post a weekly wrap-up good enough to cover just the last few days. The good news is – I don’t have to! […]

Weekly Wrap-up: Busy!

You may remember from last week’s wrap-up that I had quite a few goals for this week. I was pretty determined even though I knew it would mean I’d be really busy. I know if I say I wasn’t feeling good this week I’ll sound like a broken record, but unfortunately, it is true. It […]

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