Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Litter {Review}

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cat’s Pride. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. All opinions are my own. For more information see my Disclosure Policy.

one-eyed cat

Our cat, Bartholomew, is a special part of our family. It’s been a little over a year since we adopted him. They were afraid he wouldn’t get adopted since he was born with only one eye. That didn’t matter to us at all, though! He has an amazing personality, and we just knew he would be the perfect cat for our family! We mostly call him Bart for short.

Bart turned one on Christmas Eve. He is still young and energetic, but he grew big so quickly! We joke that it’s because he eats our dog’s large breed dog food! He really has such a great personality and is wonderful with the kids and our mastiff! He has so many fun quirks and plays back and forth chasing games with our daughter. It’s so much fun!

With the joy of a cat also comes the not-so-joyful litter box. Unfortunately, we’ve had many litter box problems, too – particularly with the odor. It’s not only unpleasant for us, but I imagine it’s not very nice for him, either. We want to make sure he is happy as well! I have found a helpful solution to add to the litter, but overall I decided we need a completely new litter solution. The expense of the litter that we HAVE to get for the self-cleaning litter box coupled with the fact that it just isn’t an effective litter has just gotten too frustrating. So, I was excited to have the chance to try Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light litter.

Cat's Pride

For our review we received two 15-pound containers of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Litter. We received Fragrance Free Odor Control and the Quick Action litter. Being an eco-conscious consumer I generally err on the side of caution when it comes to fragrance. This definitely is the case with our pets as well. They are part of our family, and our eco-friendly lifestyle most definitely applies to them as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Quick Action litter that is scented carries the seal of the American Humane Association. It states Cat’s Pride products offer safe and effective odor control without harmful chemicals or overpowering fragrances. It also means they do so without the use of captive live animal testing. That is something to be proud of!

I can contest that the Quick Action litter did NOT have an overpowering scent. In fact, it was a very light almost unnoticeable (but pleasant) scent. Although we did enjoy the Fragrance Free Odor Control as well, this subtle scent of the Quick Action litter won me over as being my favorite. Bart was happy either way. He much preferred the light texture of Cat’s Pride over the rough crystals we have been using.

Here are some additional Cat’s Pride fact:

Cat’s Pride is 25% lighter than other scoopable clay litters.
I found this to be true! For the size of container I definitely expected they would be heavier. Growing up with cats I have used many varieties of scoopable clay litters, and containers that large were definitely heavier. I loved how the texture of the litter was “lighter” as well.

Cat’s Pride is low-dust.
One of the things that I always disliked about clay litters was the dust. When it said “low-dust” I wasn’t sure what to expect. What is considered a normal dust level? I discovered it barely had any dust at all. In fact, I didn’t notice any!

Cat’s Pride is quick clumping.
The litter box is in our laundry room, so I don’t generally have a habit of checking in right away, but I was curious about this “quick clumping.” I have to admit I don’t know what the typical clumping time is, but I did notice it clumps right away, and it clumps well. I didn’t have problems when I would clean it out, which is always good because it’s mostly unpleasant to clean the litter box, so every little thing helps!

Cat’s Pride is the only litter recommended by the American Humane Association.
I already mentioned they are recommended by the American Humane Association, but the fact is they are the ONLY litter that is recommended by them.

Overall, we’re happy with Cat’s Pride, and Bart definitely seems happier as well! Although it’s unfortunate we can’t use it with the self-cleaning litter box I would much rather have a happier cat and less odor! Plus, with the the nice features of Cat’s Pride it really isn’t that bad to have to clean the litter box!

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  1. beautiful cat! love that its lighter

  2. Evelyn Chuter says

    Your cat is so cool looking. And I love tabby’s, yellow or gray, they make the best cats. And I do know about cats. The most I had at one time is 24. You sold me on the Cat’s Pride. I have never found a cat litter that I truly like yet. Low dust! I love that!

  3. christina moore says

    I love the picture of your cats, I like Cat;s pride litter

  4. Thisis great litterI use this with the 2 cats that i have

  5. Danellejohns says

    Besides the fact that we purchase mainly Cat’s Pride for our own frisky feline. I seriously want to come and steal your cat! How adorable is he and how wonderful that you brought him home to a loving family to call his own.

  6. This is the best thing going, my cats don’t protest! I have 5 rescues. 2 are “tripod kitties” (3 legged wonders!). They can be alittle off sometimes 🙂 They don’t seem to have a problem with “Cat’s Pride” and that makes me happy!

    • I had a 3 legged cat when I was in high school and the beginning part of college. That was due to an unfortunate accident (with a car), though. 🙁 He adjusted well, though. It didn’t slow him down!

      • You’re right, Ms Emilee! These not so little guys are like race horses! The neighbors get such a kick out of them 🙂 …and to see them hunt or climb a tree, not much escapes them!

  7. This sounds like really good litter and I like that it is approved by AHA, low dust and quick clumping.

  8. I like your review on the dust portion of this product, because it can make a big difference, especially when cleaning the box.

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