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You know I am a big fan of educational apps, and I love sharing educational app reviews. That is why I am excited we had the chance to review another great app from Evanced Games. You may remember back in December I shared our review of That’s Baloney, which is a fun trivia game for 2nd-6th grade. An app we’re still enjoying! When presented with the opportunity to review their new math app – Champs of Numeria. After reading the description, I knew this would be right up our alley!

Champs of Numeria

Champs of Numeria is based on the award-winning Edupress game “Math Dash.” It combines both math skills and strategy to build children’s numeracy and critical thinking skills and is recommended for ages 4 and up. In Champs of Numeria you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. There are difficulty levels from Beginner to Advanced. The fun part is, you can even play with up to four people! If you don’t have four people, though, you can play with however many you have (even if that means just one) and the remaining players will be “computer” players.

There are nine fun and unique characters to choose from, and our children have already chosen their favorites. They also have already chosen characters they ban from the game! Ha! To me that says these characters have a lot of personality! When choosing your opponents, you do get to choose who your opponent characters will be as well. Our oldest two children are ages 7 and 6, and they both play together. They often invite their little brother (age 3) to play as well, and help him solve the problem then allow him to find that number on the board himself. The object of the game is to not only solve the problems correctly, but to find those numbers on the board and try to get four in a row. It is a turn based game, so you can block your opponents from getting four in a row as well if they get close!

Champs of Numeria

Our kids choose to do addition or subtraction problems. They figured out the rules quickly and play at least once a day! I love that they enjoy it so much and are learning at the same time! Something that I find interesting is that they also strategize together to make sure the “computer” opponents don’t win, so although they aren’t on the “same team,” they are still working together and definitely using critical thinking skills!

Once again, I’m excited to have an app the kids can play that they find fun but are clearly learning as well. I like that Champs of Numeria offers different types of learning as they are not only practicing their Math Skills but their critical thinking and strategy skills as well. Plus, I do really enjoy that they play it together! We really do a lot of our homeschooling together, and Champs of Numeria is a nice short supplemental addition to our homeschool day where we can break away for a bit yet still be connected in both learning and togetherness.

Champs of Numeria can be purchased on the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon App Store for just $.99!

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