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This week I had the pleasure of reviewing Choffy from Independent Distributor Beth Pearce. I absolutely LOVE moments where I post in networking group that I’m looking to review natural products for my website and offer giveaways and I get an amazing, excited response. Beth gave me just that! I could tell she has a passion for what she does and loves the product she represents! I was extremely thrilled to have a chance to review Choffy because this was the first time I had heard of it! Upon visiting Beth’s Choffy Website I discovered how natural Choffy is – and all the benefits it offers! I always like to confirm ingredients and information before committing to try the product to make sure it fits the needs, lifestyle, etc. of both my family and our friends/fans/readers. Choffy most definitely does! An excerpt from the website: It is made from 100% premium cacao (cocoa) beans and contains no sugar, dairy, or chemicals. All it contains is premium cacao! I was extremely excited to try it as I know there are MANY benefits to cacao such as: antioxidants, natural stimulation/energy, “feel good” properties, etc. I did have to take a break from my water challenge to perform this review, but it was WELL worth it!

For the review Beth sent me 2 sample/individual servings of Choffy and 2 nifty cups (which I was excited to see were recyclable!) as well as lots of information in detail about the benefits of cacao that I mentioned above.


Individual serving cup

Beth also invited me to her group to share recipes and I was surprised to see all the different ways people use their Choffy! For the purpose of the review I kept my samples pretty “simple,” almost the same as I prepare coffee. Because I was doing the water challenge I wasn’t drinking any coffee and realized I was out of my vanilla creamer, so the first sample I tried I used just a bit of natural vanilla, a bit of agave and stevia for sweetness. Even before I added anything, it smelled so good! It definitely smells a little bit like chocolate and has a hint of that taste as well! Right out of the bag it smelled SO good! It definitely tasted as good as it smells!

I could smell a hint of chocolate as I was poring it into the cup! Yum!

The 2nd sample I prepared exactly the way I prepare my coffee – vanilla creamer and stevia for sweetness. I thought without creamer it was good, but with it, it was fantastic (I’m big on vanilla creamer! haha)! It was so good I drank it rather quickly and then thought of the stomach ache I usually get when I drink coffee – particularly when I drink it quickly like that. The best thing about Choffy, though? I had the same energy boost I get with my coffee but I wasn’t shaky and didn’t get a stomach ache! This is such a big deal for me because I love the taste of coffee and drink it when I need a “pick me up,” but when the stomach ache hits I wonder if it’s even worth it. Then, when the energy “crash” comes I regret even having any at all! With Choffy I never experienced ANY of that!

Letting it steep and ready to try it!

Choffy was so simple to make and with a wonderful taste and the pure ingredients and benefits of cacao I would most definitely recommend it! If you’re a “regular” coffee drinker like me and have been wanting to change that habit – I truly think this might be the answer for me! It also comes in different varieties! Try it for yourself and see what it does for you! Contact Beth (information below) for more information. She is truly excited and passionate about what she does and it was my pleasure doing this review for both Choffy and Beth! 🙂 Thank-you, Beth!


* Giveaway! *

Beth is GRACIOUSLY giving away a 12 Ounce Bag of Ivory Coast! Enter using the raffle copter form at the bottom of the post! Don’t forget to take advantage of the chance to earn multiple entries! This giveaway will run for 2 weeks!

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