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As parents we get really busy. I feel like as a homeschooling mom and regular blogger I am constantly doing something. In fact, I’m even posting this a little later than planned because I got caught up in “life.” Even though we include Bible Study in our homeschool day, and I do my own daily devotionals I do find I don’t incorporate it throughout the day. When situations come up, and I want to reference a Bible verse, I often can’t think of the exact verse or helpful reference.

Well, Mary-Kate Warner from Christianity Cove has designed a wonderful resource for Christian Parenting – Cheat Sheets! The Parenting Cheat Sheets were put together from carefully taken notes on important virtues. Unfortunately, by the time she found references and wrote down all these notes it was too late to implement the lesson, but after others saw her binder of notes and how detailed they were she realized it would be a good resource to share with others! So now we can have this information right in front of us without looking it up!

Her tag line is:

“For when you know the Bible has an answer, but aren’t sure where to look.”

Each Cheat Sheet focuses on a specific virtue or life situation. They are broken down into 7 mini challenges (there is one with 8) to help your child in that area. Most of the mini challenges can be done in 10 minutes or less! You can do one mini challenge a day, a couple a day, or one every few days. It is noted in the introduction it’s not advised to let more than a few days lapse between the challenges as it is easy to forget. I am definitely aware of that fact in our home! I find one a day with a sporadic day off here and there works well for us.

The challenges and topics vary, so the Cheat Sheets aren’t specific to a particular age range. I found there were some topics that don’t pertain to our family or children now but may in the future. I could also see how some wouldn’t pertain to a family with pre-teens or teens but others would. Although it mostly addresses moms it could definitely used by both parents and together as a family.

I only recently began using the Cheat Sheets, so we have only covered “Gratitude” so far, which was a subject that definitely needed to be addressed! Next I plan on “Lying” then “Anger.” There are so many other great and relevant topics! Check them all out.

When you order you get instant access to the Cheat Sheets to download. Right now there is also a BONUS gift of the Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets Holiday Edition. The Holiday Edition includes 7 mini challenges that keep God and faith at the center of each holiday. I know with Halloween right around the corner this will be a great one for me because that is one I, in particular, have a hard time explaining (why we only choose certain costumes, etc.).

Right now you can get both the Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets and the Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets Holiday Edition for $27.00. They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Order Here.

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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    I bet my aunt would absolutely love this – I am sending it over to her!

  2. this is great will be sharing with my homeschoolers friend

  3. At first I couldn’t get why any company would associate Christianity with cheating. But I was glad to read that these sheets are helps for parents to review what the Bible has to say about a situation that their child is going through. We homeschooled & these helps were included in out curriculum. I’m happy to hear their are more companies that want the family to have practical helps from the Bible to share with their kiddos.

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