Color Fun Fest 5K #EPICTour

Disclosure: I received registration to the Color Fun Fest to facilitate my post. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Color Fun Fest

The Color Fun Fest 5K is making their way through the US! Color Fun Fest 5K is a day and night color 5K with EPIC Finish Line Festivals. This past weekend the Color Fun Fest 5K stopped in Houston, and my husband and I were excited to check it out!

Because we both have physical challenges, we weren’t sure we would be able to run the entire 5K, but we were both determined to finish it – even if we had to walk. What I loved most, though, is that The Color Fun Fest is so inviting. There is no pressure to run it all and it’s family-friendly! There were many there with young children and strollers. The kids there were having so much fun I almost wish we had decided to take our kids, too! Since they have sensory concerns, though, I was worried about how they would be with the color powder, so we opted not to.

Color Fun Fest

Getting Ready!

After actually being there and participating in the Color Fun Fest, though, I realized it really is welcoming for everyone. If you want a lot of color or just a little (but what fun is that, right?) you can actually set yourself up for either. Those who didn’t want as much color would run in a way to avoid the splashes of color, and those who wanted a lot stopped and got covered with it! It was so much fun. People were picking it up and throwing it on their friends and family members and some even rolled around in it!

My husband got a little more color than I did because I was shielding my face. I figured getting it on my contacts wouldn’t be a good idea and I forgot my sunglasses! If you really want to enjoy Color Fun Fest to the fullest I totally recommend sunglasses and wearing the shirt they provide with your packet. Then just get in front of all the color you can! Many also wore fun, colorful outfits to add to the ambience. I loved it!

Color Fun Fest 5K

The Color Fun Fest also had great entertainment. There was a live DJ and the announcer was a blast! He really knew how to work the crowd and get everyone pumped up both before we began and at the EPIC Finish Line Festival! It really was amazing! We saved our color packets until the Finish Line Festival so we could celebrate with a bang! They had various times for the Finish Line Festival so those that may still be finishing can participate in the next one. There were three different celebration times, and we just gathered together and shook our color everywhere! What a celebration!

Color Fun Fest Finish Line

We finished in just under an hour, so we were in the first celebration! We did have to walk most of it, but we finished without stopping and we had a BLAST! This was my first 5K, and it was an amazing experience. We didn’t have a chance to stay for the night run, but it looks awesome! They break out the black lights and more color! I will definitely be looking forward to the next time they roll through Houston.

Color Fun Fest Finish

Do you want to know when the Color Fun Fest EPIC Tour will be coming near you? Check out the Color Fun Fest 5K Locations and get registered! If your event is further out, you can Pre-Register to save your spot! One thing is for sure – you don’t want to miss it!

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  1. Dorothy Boucher

    wow that not only sounds wonderful and amazing but so much fun added on top of that.. wish i had the chance to be able to do something like that.. how awesome 😉 good for you

  2. I have always wanted to do this. I will see if there is one in my area!
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