Getting Comfortable in my Gemelli Slippers from TK inStyle {Review}


Disclosure: I received the product mentioned to facilitate my review. Regardless, I only recommend products I feel would be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

Don’t you just love a good pair of slippers in which you can really get comfortable? I had a chance to review the Gemelli Women’s Lucy Slipper from TK inStyle. I was rather excited to try a pair of their slippers after connecting with TK inStyle on Twitter. Of course, I chose the Lucy Slipper because they look so soft and inviting, and the poof just adds some flare! I chose to get them in my favorite color – red.

women's slippers

So, I don’t usually wear socks with my slippers, but I just happened to remember to take a picture at that moment, and I still had my socks on. The Lucy Slippers really are as soft as they look, though, and wearing socks with them all the time would definitely be wasting that soft, comforting feeling. Socks are so rough!

In addition to a soft interior, it is also very supportive! I was really impressed! I don’t like a pair of slippers that you put on and instantly sink to the floor. The Gemelli Lucy Slippers really offer support inside. I would almost describe it as fitting to my feet. They support and cushion my feet. It’s so nice to slip them on at the end of the day after I’ve been on my feet doing chores and unpacking boxes all day. It’s even nicer to wear them WHILE I’m doing chores and unpacking boxes!

In addition to being comfortable, what is even better is a good pair of slippers that are comfortable and sturdy in case you have to go outside to flip the breaker switch because you tried to run the microwave and Keurig at the same time – or, you know, something like that! So yes, I was happy to discover that because these wonderfully fluffy yet supportive slippers also have a sturdy rubber sole. If I need to go outside for a quick minute, I don’t have to worry about throwing on my tennis shoes! I can just slip my new slippers right on and not have to worry about it!

To be honest, I am rarely ever barefoot or even in just my socks. My husband and the kids are constantly asking me why I always have shoes on. I guess it’s because of my sensory issues, but I just have to have shoes on! I don’t have easy to wear shoes, though, and wearing tennis shoes for every little thing really is impractical. If I decide to kick up my feet to relax I have to take them off then go through the hassle of putting them back on after. Yet, I’ve never found a reasonable solution – until now. Because the Lucy Slippers are so easy to slip on yet have a rubber sole they are EXACTLY what I need for around the house! I had never found such a happy medium – a slipper comfort with a shoe like support. It’s wonderful!

I know I can already think of a handful of people that these slippers would make a great Christmas gift for! Here in Texas we don’t really even have a chill yet, but I bet my family up in Ohio would also appreciate these slippers for their warmth, too! I love that the Gemelli Women’s Lucy Slipper is available in so many colors! Plus, check out all the other great slippers TK inStyle has to offer!

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  1. chantelle knick says

    I’ve been looking for some slippers, and this review really helped me out! Thanks so much for sharing this. Now I know what to get myself! 🙂

  2. Linda Szymoniak says

    I’ve had such bad luck with slippers – too many that I’ve bought have worn out far too quickly and were a waste of my money. These sound not just comfortable, but sturdy. I’m definitely going to have to check them out!

  3. Amanda Williams says

    I am very picky about my slippers! These do look comfortable and worth a try. Since I have had both my hips replaced, I have nerve damage that causes me to be uneasy on my feet and so I can’t wear anything that will help my ungraceful self fall anymore than usual. I am the opposite of you when it comes to something on my feet. I would rather be barefoot but that is mostly because I grew up on the beach. Thank you for the review!

  4. Krista Bainbridge

    These look super comfy – and warm, too! I also need to have something on my feet – not necessarily shoes – but always at least socks. I would love these slippers though – I’ll be adding them to my Christmas wish list!

  5. Nice! Look cozy! I’ve been dying for a new pair of slippers! 🙂

  6. These sound sooo comfy! I llve in MN so the need for slippers in the winter is essential. I have a pair of Uggs that I wear around the house but they are getting too worn and I need something new- something that is functional and cute. I wonder if these come in pink???? Thank for the review, I’ll check out Amazon.

  7. Gloria Walshver

    Need slippers badly,those red ones are perfect in size 6.

  8. I love these slippers. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I really like that these slippers have good support. You are correct when you say that you sink to the floor with most slippers. If I wear slippers without support I find them very uncomfortable. Also, I really like fuzzy slippers. Thanks for the great review.

  10. Donna Wharton says

    These are really cute slippers. I love pink anyway and the pink fuzzy ball on top is just adorable. I like the support ability because that is one of the things I always miss in slippers.

  11. They look so comfortable. (Gianna)

  12. I am disabled and rarely leave the house so I live in slippers. Love them. These are so cute too. Best of luck to everyone.

  13. Tanya White says

    I love the color I need a new pair of slippers it get very cold at nighgt here in New York. Thanks for the review

  14. Renee Travis says

    I like the fact that these slippers have support, plus they look super comfy 🙂

  15. these look like good slippers I wear them all the time

  16. I am a slipper person, but I wear socks with my slippers. As soon as I get home, off the shoes and on come the slippers. These are very nice slippers and they look very comfortable. I also like the color!

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