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I know common courtesy isn’t very “common,” but it still is disappointing when you run into a situation where someone’s lack of courtesy ruins your time. My husband REALLY wants me to start adding fishing to my blog. I am, after all, the one who catches the fish! haha (Refer to my Wordless Wednesday post.) 😉 I wasn’t sure if this would go over well or not, but I figured I might give it a shot. I considered using a meme like “Fishing Friday.” haha What do you think?

A re-cap of the big bass I caught! 🙂

Anyway, my intent was to start this Friday, but I got caught up in other stuff, so I’m planning on starting it this coming Friday. I was going to post about etiquette, but then I realized that what we experienced on Saturday was not just related to fishing etiquette but just common courtesy in general! When we were fishing Saturday evening we had a harder time finding a spot due to it being the weekend. We ended up at our “usual” spot, though we were trying to mix it up some! It’s not that I don’t like our usual spot because that is where I catch the bass (and Joey catches clams LOL I’m seriously still cracking up over that!), and it’s usually very nice and calm. Well, not so much this time. The group across the lake was blaring their music for one. I’m not totally guilt-free when it comes to turning on music while fishing, but generally that is when there aren’t other people around! We listen to “family friendly” music, though, so that was another issue is it definitely wasn’t ideal for kids! As if the lyrics of the music weren’t already a bit extreme, the main issue was the language they were using! Our kids tend to repeat things they hear. I’m sure this is normal with most kids and not due to the fact that they have social special needs, though I know it can definitely add to it. Our oldest (Autism spectrum), though, in particular has a hard time grasping the “just because someone else does it doesn’t mean it’s OK” idea, though. Part of his social differences include not understanding “stranger danger” (no, it’s not for lack of trying – the therapists have tried as well) and if he says hi to you, you are now his friend. Once you are a friend you are also like a family member – there is no distinction between the “levels” of social appropriateness to him. They are all the same. For the most part this isn’t a problem, though it worries me because you hear stories of crazy people out there! Hence, why my children’s name are protected on here! We finally got through to him about not spelling his name out for people! Phew! He does have a hard time making friends, though, because he is a little too lovey and doesn’t understand personal space!

But anything anybody says, though, is OK to repeat because they’re “friends,” right? Well, yeah, that is where the problem comes in. Both he and the princess were repeating some of what they were saying. Luckily it was NOT the bad stuff, but still I cringed and said “please don’t repeat what they say.” I’d get a million “whys,” to which I explained we don’t use that kind of language and it’s not OK. Seriously, we don’t even use the “OK for TV” language let alone the words they were saying! Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting on my soap box and saying I’m all “high and mighty” because I don’t swear. I’m not saying that at all because I don’t feel that way! It took me close to 2 years to get to a point where I didn’t use any of it anymore, but one thing never changed – I did NOT use it in public places particularly where there are kids around! Yes, the lake is on the military post, but NO that does not mean you’re entitled to do whatever you’d like! We weren’t the only ones that had kids there, either! It is common courtesy to not use inappropriate language when there are families around, and yes, blaring the music is inappropriate, too. Fishing etiquette includes being courteous to those around you. Many of us go out there to enjoy nature and take in the scenery! I’m sharing this not on “Fishing Friday,” though because I don’t think it applies just to fishing etiquette. I think it is just common courtesy! Be respectful of those around you! There were even some older gentlemen that came out and were on the next little spot over from this group and when they heard them speaking they said (politely), “please watch your language, there are children here!” to which the group mocked them and said something I won’t say on here. Yet another strike against common courtesy – respect your elders! Not that much would shock me at that point but I couldn’t believe how disrespectful they were to these older gentlemen, which I have no doubt have served their time in the military – hence their being there. I bet they were thinking, too, that they’ve never been so disrespected! It really is a shame! So no, we didn’t enjoy fishing Saturday evening, and it’s not because we didn’t catch anything but because we just couldn’t enjoy our time there!

One of my many goals as a parent is to teach my kids common courtesy! I pray they are always aware and respectful of those around them! Even with social/emotional differences they still know their manners! This isn’t just about fishing etiquette or courtesy while fishing this is about the life lesson of common courtesy. It applies to EVERYTHING and really should be applied more often!

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  1. Well stated! There are so many people who lack common courtesy and I wish they would hurry up and develop some better habits. Thanks for the post {smiles}.
    Quida recently posted…Booty Firm Plus Three Dance Workout DVDs 6-25 thru 7-11!My Profile

  2. We were just having a discussion about this the other day. People just seem to have no decency anymore.

    While I myself can curse like a sailor at times, like you, I refrain from doing it around children. If they pick it up from their parents, that’s fine but I don’t want it to be from me.
    Ashley Montgomery recently posted…Toys, Shopping & MoreMy Profile

    • Exactly!! I take full responsibility to any words, behaviors/actions my kids learn from us, but I wouldn’t want other kids to learn negative things from me or vice versa!

  3. I totally agree with you…there is a definite lack of common courtesy in our world today! It is great to see that you are doing your best to instill it into your children!
    Sonya Parga recently posted…*Just Released* $1.00 off 2 bags of NESTLE or WONKA candyMy Profile

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