Computer Virus Dolls {Review}

Computer Virus Dolls

Not too long ago, I had the chance to review a cancer cell plush from GIANTmicrobes. I loved not only that the GIANTmicrobes are unique, but that they are educational as well! If you have somebody on your Christmas list that is a harder to shop for and would love something unique and fun, they would make a great gift!

What you may not know is the maker of GIANTmicrobes also offers something else that is also unique and would make an awesome gift – Computer Virus Dolls! Just in time for Christmas they have released 4 new designs for the Computer Virus Dolls. The new computer virus dolls, Bug, Bot, Macro, and Zombie, have joined previously released Trojan, Malware, Worm, and Virus. The Computer Virus Dolls are based on the electronic “creatures” that can torment our PCs, MACs, laptops, and even mobile devices.

For our review we received Bot. Just like a popup may come up on your computer if you have a virus, a little “popup” comes up on the computer tag letting you know which virus you have. The computer tag also has more information about the virus including the 1’s and 0’s of Binary Code. I may have totally lost some of you with the Binary Code, but trust me, if you have a computer geek in your life, they will LOVE this! 🙂 Each Computer Virus Doll actually has a long tag with a string of the 1’s and 0’s for the Binary Code.

Computer Virus Dolls Review

I was really impressed by how much information is included on the little computer. I know I obviously spend time on the computer as this is my “job,” and I know a little bit of “techie” stuff, but I didn’t know most of the information that was shared about Bots. I am definitely into learning this kind of information, though, so I thought it was really neat. Once again, I also turned this into a learning experience with the kids as well. They may be young, but we know this is a technological age, and kids are learning how to use computers as at a young age, so it’s never too young to also teach them about things that can harm our computers as well!

The colors of the Computer Virus Dolls are a shiny silver and matte black, which represent charged and uncharged bits inside a computer chip. The overall look sure was a big hit with the kids as well! I was lucky I was even able to snap a picture before they took off with “Bot.” They were intrigued to learn more as well, so I was able to read them the information on the little computer and explain the numbers on the tag as well. I love when there is something about a product that actually encourages them to ask questions!

Computer Virus Dolls would be a great gift for a long list of people! Anybody who uses a computer can appreciate the knowledge provided as well as the humor that goes along with it! I love how unique and creative they are as well! If you know someone who would love to have one on the go, they also have Computer Virus Digits Keychains!

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  1. Vicki Hale

    I admit, I am totally lost on this, but I have a computer geek son in law that would know exactly what is for!

  2. Lori Thomas says

    These are very cute!! My son knows quite a bit about comps sooo this would be fun for him

  3. Crystal Rose says

    I like how they include facts and info with the plushie.

  4. What I like about these dolls is how educational they are.

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