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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned to facilitate my review. Regardless, I only recommend products I feel would be good for my readers. All opinions are my own and those of my family.

Natural Cleaner Review

You know I am always on the lookout for natural products, but something else I’m always on the lookout for is small companies that have a passion for making natural products and sharing that passion with others as well. That is what Cottage in the Woods Co is all about! I was definitely excited for the opportunity to review Cottage in the Woods Co Natural products. We received the Lavender All Purpose Cleaner and Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap for our review.

Cottage in the Woods Co Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

I think I have also shared my love of lavender many times as well, so I won’t go on and on about how much I love lavender, but I will say I was in need of a good all purpose cleaner, and I am really excited that it is lavender! I happened to be in need of a good all purpose cleaner and the ingredients in the Cottage in the Woods Co All Purpose Cleaner are simple and natural – just what I prefer!

Since I am *still* unpacking from our move a couple months ago I still have a lot of deep cleaning to go. It may sound strange to some, but I don’t see the point of unpacking something without thoroughly cleaning it before putting it away. I’m sure this is why unpacking is taking so long, but I have never felt better about the way things have looked! All purpose cleaner is perfect for this task! I had a handful of boxes in the living room that I needed to unpack as soon as possible so we can get our Christmas tree up, so I was able to put it to use right away. Of course, with three kids, a huge dog, and a cat, there are plenty of every day messes I was able to use it on as well!

The Lavender All Purpose Cleaner gets the job done! I have a chronic pain condition, and my husband chemotherapy induced neuropathy, so both of us have a difficult time with scrubbing really hard as it can hurt our hands a lot. A cleaner that can really get in there and break up the sticky stuff, lift up the dirt, etc. is definitely what we need, and we both used it at different times and agreed we didn’t have to scrub hard to clean up. It’s exactly what we need! Plus with the natural ingredients we’re not worried about nasty chemicals, and we can invite the kids to help us clean, too! 😉

The Lavender All Purpose Cleaner has a nice scent and is gentle on our skin as well! We both are enjoying it and it is now our “go to” cleaner!

Cottage in the Woods Co Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap

The Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap was another product we needed. I have had a hard time finding a natural hand soap, so I resorted to using bar soaps. If you’ve ever tried to use bar soap in a bathroom with kids you probably started laughing because you know how that ends up. What a mess! Kids and bar soap just don’t mix! Bar soap in the kitchen doesn’t work well, either, so we really had quite the hand soap dilemma! To find a hand soap with natural ingredients like this is awesome!

The Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap has a mild scent and has the texture much like castile soap, which I noticed on the Etsy listing is the first ingredient. If you’re not familiar with castile it is a thinner texture with a very light lather. I love this because it’s not just something to which I’m accustomed, but it signals “natural” to me. That’s important to me!

These natural ingredients in the Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap make it extremely effective. It is both gentle on the skin but dissolves dirt. The essential oils add a nice scent without compromising the integrity of the ingredients (it’s surprising how many people are unaware that fragrance oils are synthetic whereas essential oils are natural), but rather enhancing them! Lemongrass essential oil is both anti-fungal and antibacterial!

Now we have a hand soap that is natural, effective, and is a much better fit for our lifestyle!

For More Information:

Visit the Cottage in the Woods Co Etsy Shop! They offer a variety of natural bath and body products, all purpose cleaner, and children’s items. Plus, they have many more items that will be coming soon, so be sure to check back often! They will take some custom scent requests on some items. Be sure to check the specific listings for more information!


Be sure to check out the Cottage in the Woods Co Giveaway for the chance to win your own All Purpose Cleaner and Liquid Hand Soap! It runs from 12/14 at 7pm Central Time through 12/28 at 11pm Central Time! ENTER HERE!


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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    Ooh, Lavender cleaner – I would LOVE that! I am obsessed with Lavender right now, so that would be perfect for me!

  2. Amanda Fuscone says

    I want to try this.

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