Country Gourmet Home Review and Giveaway *Giveaway Closed*

Sorry I have been meaning to post this review and giveaway for the past couple of days! It has been CRAZY here! So with no further delay:

I was contacted by Sherise with Country Gourmet Home to do a review and giveaway! She gave me the option of choosing a mix or letting her surprise me. We have no allergies in our home and very few dietary restrictions (by choice), so I told her she could surprise me! I was EXTREMELY excited when I received her package and saw “Cherry Chocolate Dessert!” I love both cherries AND chocolate!

Cherry Chocolate Dessert

If you notice on the packaging it says it says “Makes a cheeseball, dip, or delicious pie.” I loved the options! I contacted Sherise to ask if there was a specific way she would like me to prepare it for the review, but she left the decision up to me! They all sounded good, but after reviewing all three options I decided to go with the pie! It only required three additional ingredients and was extremely easy to prepare. I admit, at first I was a little nervous. You may not know this about me, but I don’t have a lot of kitchen gadgets! Shocking, I know! haha I am also one to mess things up easily, so agreeing to a food review and giveaway did make me a little nervous, but I figured it would be a great way to see if it really is “fool proof.” The first concern I had was that the recipe says to blend the first two ingredients (the mix and Cream Cheese) “in a mixer.” I don’t have a REAL mixer, so I was hoping my $15 hand held mixer would suffice! And it did! 🙂

Using hand mixer

I was a little surprised when I first started mixing because although it specifically said “Cherry Chocolate Dessert” I was picturing “Chocolate Cherry Dessert” for some reason, but seeing that it was Cherry with Chocolate chips made it all that more exciting! The final mixing step was simply adding whipped cream and folding it into the mixture. Then, I had to pour it into the Graham Cracker Crust and THAT WAS IT! Easy!! I made it at the same time I was making dinner, and was done in less than 10 minutes! I actually finished it BEFORE dinner was done because I guess I expected it to take longer! The mixture was initially a little thin, so my husband suggested I refrigerate it to let it “set.” Although, that wasn’t mentioned in the directions, I would definitely make that suggestion for a thicker pie. I was able to try some after dinner, and it was perfect! It wasn’t too sweet, and the chocolate chips gave it just a little bit of extra flavor! I had some the next day, and I would say it was even better! I think letting it “set” a little longer gave it the right consistency that I enjoy! I couldn’t get enough of it! Our older 2 kids tried it, and they both liked the Cherry Chocolate part but didn’t eat the graham crust, so I plan on purchasing more and preparing it as the cheeseball or dip!

Chocolate Cherry Dessert Pie

Finished product

So if you love cherry and a hint of chocolate I highly recommend trying this dessert, and with three ways to prepare it you can make it to fit your taste best! The mix was easy to make (and obviously fool-proof since I was able to make it while cooking dinner and still not mess it up!), and is quick and convenient! Thank-you, Sherise, for letting me review this wonderful treat! 🙂


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  1. Country Gourmet Home has some nice food items. And seem to be reasonably priced.

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