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Soft Claws

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We have a pretty big cat. Although he is pretty good about not scratching inappropriate things, there are things he does that aren’t really intentional. He really loves a good stretch, and because he is so tall, it really is a BIG stretch. He likes to do this on the couch – or us! Of course, when he stretches, the claws come out! Ouch! At night he also gets a little feisty. Usually I am the only one awake since I am the “night owl,” and because it seems this time of year in particular I’m trying to keep up with my blog posts. Because of this, I get that extra time with him. It’s not usually calm, quiet time, though. He will randomly jump on me from behind or even from beside me when I least expect it! Sometimes he latches on when he does this, which is also unpleasant!

So what are we to do? We do not believe in declawing. I could explain in detail, but in short, declawing is like removing fingers at the top knuckle. For the most part, since he hasn’t been clawing things he shouldn’t we just dealt with the minor incidents here and there. Luckily, though, we have been introduced to an alternative – a very festive alternative at that!

Soft Claws

Soft Claws (also known as Soft Paws) are nail caps for cats that slip over their claws easily. They allow their claws to function as usual but without the sharp scratch! Although our cat, Bart, was a bit wiggly when we applied them, they were pretty easy to slip on, and once on we could tell they didn’t bother him at all. He went right back to his usual day without a fuss! Now he’s ready for Christmas in his holiday green and red!

Not only are Soft Claws a humane way to address a scratching problem, they are also extremely safe and non-toxic. Plus, they are so simple you can apply them at home! You simply follow the included instructions and slip them over the front claws. It does recommend adding the adhesive to each nail cap prior to applying so you are ready to apply all of them at once, and I can definitely see how this is a good suggestion! Even a docile cat could become antsy after waiting for so long! I added the adhesive first, and then I got Bart and put them on. This way he wasn’t sitting and waiting in this “something is about to happen” moment. Then I just had to slip them all on! That’s it! Their nails do need to be trimmed prior to application, though. Because our cat isn’t very patient I did the trimming and the capping in separate sessions but within a close amount of time to each other.

Each Soft Claws home kit comes with 40 nail caps, 2 tubes of adhesive, 6 applicator tips, and application instructions. So one kit contains enough nail caps for four front paw applications. Each application should last approximately 4-6 weeks, so that means in one kit you could get 4-6 months of use from it! Bart has had his nail caps on for a couple weeks now, and not only does he seem to not be bothered by them, I can clearly see his claws function normally, and the nail caps are definitely still there! It’s hard to miss the fun Christmas colors!

Soft Claws are available in a variety of sizes, so if you have a kitten, a small cat, a “normal size” cat, or a larger cat like Bart, you can choose the size that fits best. Soft Claws also has nail caps for dogs! Soft claws are the perfect, safe and humane solution for a scratching problem, and it’s extra fun that they come in such a variety of colors and styles!

If you have a furry friend, you can spruce up their look for the holidays with Soft Claws and perhaps keep your Christmas Tree and other decorations looking nice as well! Soft Claws make a great holiday gift for pets and your friends and family that have pets. Do you know somebody who is getting a new pet for Christmas? Many people get a new pet for Christmas and then feel overwhelmed by problem behaviors like scratching. Introduce them to a safe and effective solution for scratching for a smoother transition as their pet becomes part of their family!

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  1. Alicia Owen says

    I am so tempted to get some of these for our cats now that they are indoors again.

  2. I have declawed two of our cats and will declaw the other one when I have the cash. They are only inside cats.

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