e-cloth Grooming Mitt

Our pets are members of our family. So, of course, I’m always looking for products that I know are safe for them. I love to really spoil them as well. Finding a product that can do both? That’s an added bonus!

eCloth Grooming Mitt

e-cloth offers a variety of cleaning products that work with just water to meet all cleaning challenges including pet products for premium grooming. I love that they really strive to provide the most environmentally friendly cleaning system. Not to mention their products save time and effort, which is always an advantage for a busy mom like myself!

We had the chance to review the e-cloth Grooming Mitt. We have a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and a Maine Coon cat. They have very different coats. Our pup, Caprice, has a short, coarse coat. Our cat, Bart, has a long, smooth coat. So finding a product that works for both is trick, but I was curious to see if we could use this Grooming Mitt for both of them.

The Grooming Mitt is dual-sided. It has a soft, gray side for cleaning and polishing. It’s meant to groom away loose hair and debris from the pets’ coats. Both of our pets enjoy being “brushed” by the Grooming Mitt, and the gray side works well for both. It really helps get the loose hairs off of Caprice’s top coat, which is actually from where she sheds, and it leaves Bart looking so smooth!

e-cloth grooming mitt review

The cream side has a few rough bristles, and it is recommended for gently grooming around the facial area. I love using this side all over Caprice, though, and I’ve found it also helps lift the hairs as well as the dirt. In fact, I was impressed how much dirt it gets off her! Although it doesn’t do as much for lifting hairs on Bart because of his thick, fluffy coat, I still use this side all over him, too, because, again, it lifts up so much dirt! Wow!

e-cloth Pet Grooming Mitt

The best part? I didn’t have to use any harmful chemicals to get their coats clean and shiny!

I am definitely happy with the e-cloth Grooming Mitt. I can use it on both pets, and it is useful for multiple purposes! Plus, I love the mission of e-cloth and hope to check out more of their products soon!

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  1. Darla Peduzzi says

    This sounds like a great product! I also love that it has no harmful chemicals! Great review! Thanks for the info!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful product, I like there mission as well, and I have 3 dogs so this would be wonderful addition to my grooming supplys I can’t seem to keep them groomed up all the time. thank you so much for sharing this product.

  3. Debbie Bray

    I like that it takes a lot of dirt off of pets.

  4. I love how many uses this gives you! I love that you can use it on your pets…. Thanks for sharing and good luck to all!

  5. Diana Ward

    Our dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Australian Blue Heeler mix. Short hair, shouldn’t be much trouble, right? Not! I learned to my chagrin that the Aussies have a plush undercoat to keep them warm in the winter, and since Clover is inside most of the time, she sheds almost year-round! We had a long haired Keeshond once and there were windrows of hair in every corner in the springs. With Clover it is worse in spring but bad all the time. In short, one of those mitts looks like it would be something we would all love. Thanks for letting us know about them.
    Diana Ward recently posted…Win $100 for eBooks at eBooks.com!My Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing!! These are a neat product. Will have to try them with my pets.

  7. Dorothy Teel says

    These are very nice I like that it can be used for dogs or cats, my cats love to be rubbed and this would be very helpful in cutting down on the loose fur in the house, very good idea.

  8. This would be so awesome for my German Shepherd after his bath, and every day in between! He sheds sooo bad I vacuum my house every day and it fills up the canister with dog hair!

  9. Richard Hicks says

    I am always looking for new grooming tools and this one sounds like a great one

  10. This looks like it would be so helpful with our meows hair, I have found 0 to help so far!!

  11. I love that it does not have any sharp edges and bristles that can hurt my furbaby. She has very sensitive skin.

  12. My dogs are both long-haired and I need a products that works without hurting them. Thank you for an honest review of this product.

  13. We have a Maine Coon (Derby), a Bichon Frise (Glacier), and a second cat whose hair is longer and finer than Derby’s (Destiny). I’d love to see if this works on all 3 of them!

  14. She’s a little poodley beast we found on the street a couple of years ago, and she’s all dog. I’m pretty good about getting her to the groomer when she needs to go, but this would be so helpful for between times!

  15. This grooming mitt looks very useful. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I really loved your review on the E-Cloth Grooming Mitt! I’m going to recommend this to my Oldest daughter the next time I speak with her. She has 2 Siberian Huskies and they shed like Crazy!!! She takes them every several months to get brushed out and bathed! I know when she visited us the last time, I was cleaning husky hair for weeks! I have 2 Shih Tzu’s who have hair and not fur. They don’t shed, however, it might be good to use the E-Cloth on them just to pick up any dirt that’s on and in their hair. Once things straighten out around here, I’ll have to look into getting myself one of these! Thanks for the terrific information!!! Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…Partner with Little Passports for your FundraiserMy Profile

  17. I find your review really helpful. Thank you.

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