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Disclosure: I received the That’s Baloney! app free of charge to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

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The weekend before Christmas is just a couple days away. Are you preparing for a trip out of town? Whether by car or plane, kids get antsy quickly and we start to hear that all too familiar “Are we there yet?”question over and over again. Are you prepared to keep your child(ren) entertained? Many cars now have built in televisions like our SUV, but let’s be honest, just watching movies isn’t ideal when there are so many opportunities out there that are both entertaining and educational!

Educational apps are a great way to keep children both entertained and engaged in learning while having fun as well! I was recently introduced to Evanced Games. They offer a variety of educational apps. They strive on not only making learning fun but also creating fun from learning. They put a lot of work into making their apps fun in the way that kids want to learn!

For my review I received the That’s Baloney! download.

About That’s Baloney!:

Hungry for knowledge? Thatʼs Baloney! is the delicious trivia game that challenges your brain. Devour multiple game modes spanning grades 2 through 6 and five compelling categories – language arts, math, science, social studies, and mystery meat.

Our older two kids will be moving up to 2nd grade at the beginning of the New Year, but they aren’t yet at that reading level, so That’s Baloney! isn’t an app they could use on their own. Some of the questions were out of their level as well, though we did have fun sitting together and playing together. It really would be best for independent play for 2nd graders who can read well through 6th grade as noted.

When you begin That’s Baloney! you are able to enter in the names of each player. You can also choose their grade level and whether you would like to do 20 questions or 40 questions. The questions are random but very in subject as noted in the description. These are the “Sandwich.” You can also choose “Snack,” and choose a specific subject. I particularly liked this feature because some of the subjects, like Language Arts, were better suited for our children’s particular ages. It would also be a nice feature if your child needs additional practice in a certain area!

That's Baloney

With both the Sandwich and Snack it goes through a series of statements. The player has to decide if it’s true or if it’s “baloney.” If they get the answer incorrect they will get a pickle. The goal is to get through all the questions without getting too many pickles.

What I think is great about That’s Baloney! is that it really is fun! The questions are challenging, which is great, and the game is so unique. Every aspect about That’s Baloney! involves food. The answers you click are on ketchup and mustard, the baloney gets eaten after eat question (with really fun sound effects), and rewards are food items that get put in the refrigerator. You can check your refrigerator at any time to see the prizes that you have won!

I think That’s Baloney! is a fun, educational app that could definitely keep kids engaged and entertained for quite a while! I know we’ll continue to use it together until our kids get more proficient with reading and can play it on their own!

Evanced Games does also have apps for younger children as well (as young as age 4), so be sure to check them out! Their games are available on both the Apples App Store and Google Play.

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  1. CouponDivaAndi

    i’m always amazed as to the apps they come up with for everything…. 😀

  2. This is great! Honestly, I have no idea how my parents kept us kids happy while traveling, because I cannot survive traveling with my son, unless I have the iPad along. We flew to Minnesota and back from Virginia for Thanksgiving week. He did wonderful on the plane…because I had the iPad for him! But if I’m going to let him veg out for that many hours with an electronic device, I want it to at least be education…hence the importance of educational apps!

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