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I am always a big fan of educational apps. Our kids like to play games on their iPad, so why not be sure they are educational? When they’re enjoying what they’re learning it really does feel like a game to them! I love when educational apps challenge them in a way that is fun and engaging!

Zap Zap Math Educational Apps

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Zap Zap Math is an award-winning FREE educational app that covers comprehensive subjects from Kindergarten through 6th Grade. It focuses on higher order thinking skills, problem solving, and self-paced adaptive learning. Plus, their team is constantly working on ensuring they integrate the best teaching practices. They work with educational professionals to ensure their games are fun and, of course, effective.

Our daughter, Aurora, who is currently at a 3rd Grade level in Math was the first of our kids to check out the Zap Zap Math App. After downloading the app and creating a free account, we were ready to go. Aurora loved that she got to choose a fun avatar as well as a fun name. Children can choose their avatar and name from the list or they can simply choose “Random.” Student accounts cannot be added on their own, though, so a parent can give them a code to enter to start their account or parents can add a new player from their account online.

Zap Zap Math Free Educational Apps

Once a child’s account is set up, you can select the grade, and they’re ready to get started. At first, I couldn’t get anything to load, and I wasn’t sure why. I eventually realized I hadn’t selected her grade level so she could get started with the activities. Once we got that sorted out, she was on her way to some learning fun!

Each grade has two topics (which vary based on grade level), and each topic is divided into four activities: Training, Accuracy, Speed and Mission. Each activity offers a tutorial when first beginning, and if they get it correct they can move on to the activity. Each activity has 5 problems, and as they answer the problem it adds a check mark to the number if they got it right, and an x if they get it incorrect. When complete it will show their accuracy, score, rank and any bonuses they may receive like Speed and Accuracy.

Zap Zap Math Scoring

Because I have a parent account I can log in online and see her progress. It shows me what grade level she is working on and how much of a topic has been covered. I can then click on each one to get more information – particularly what the percentage means. I can also see all the game profiles where I can add the game profiles for our other two kids as well. I always appreciate parent dashboards.

Zap Zap Math Parent Dashboard

Aurora has really enjoyed the Math challenges. The Zap Zap Math App is fun yet challenging. She likes the activities, and I can see she is motivated to improve – to beat her previous score and move up in level. The graphics are related to space and are a lot of fun. The sound effects are great as well. It really is a lot of fun for her!

Educational Apps

Educational apps are great for learning on the go or even to supplement our homeschool curricula. Zap Zap Math is a great educational app. It offers great features for both children (the fun, engaging app) as well as parents (the parent dashboard). Plus it’s FREE! Zap Zap Math is available for both iOS and Android.

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  1. I’ve actually gotten my son to try it and he loves it!

  2. Cheryl Everitt says

    I have 3 young grandchildren I will share this with.

  3. violet taylor

    oooohhhhh. my son is scared of math and i have beem looking for something awesome. this might be the right thing!

  4. My son would love this!!!

  5. Kimberly Flickinger

    This is a great app especially for those who find math very challenging.

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