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Kids learn best when they’re having fun, and they also learn through play. Finding fun, educational games the kids enjoy is a big plus. Educational games can enhance our homeschool and our family fun time!

SimplyFun Educational Games

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

SimplyFun offers a wide variety of award-winning educational games for a variety of ages. In April I shared SimplyFun’s Autism Initiative. I was so excited to learn how they support Autism Awareness, but what’s more is they include ways their games can be adapted for those with special needs as well as including specific notes on how each particular game may capitalize on the strengths of those on the Autism spectrum. With each game online you can click on the Special Needs tab and/or Autism tab and goes in depth on Strengths & Interests as well Characteristics of your child to see if the game is a good fit!

For our review we received Perspectives and Front Runner.

Front Runner:

Educational Games - Front Runner by SimplyFun

Front Runner is a Math game. Your roll the dice to plug in the missing numbers of an equation and solve it. Cross the finish line as the Front Runner to win by a factor. It is recommended for ages 8+. Children have a choice of difficulty level. This is a great game for kids who like math – particularly factors.

Our kids both like math, though they are younger (ages 5, 7, and 9). Our 7 and 9 year old played it together, but we found it was just a little too advanced. We were able to modify it, though, in a way that worked for both of them! They both love math, so they enjoyed the layout of Front Runner.


Educational Games - Perspectives by SimplyFun

Perspectives is a really unique game and is one of our favorites now! In Perspectives you match the Pattern Cards to patterns on the Game Board to earn points. Move Game Tiles to create new patterns and opportunities for more points. Score the most points from matched patterns to win Perspectives! It is also recommended for ages 8+, though we found both our 7 year old and 9 year old are able to and enjoy playing it. Our 5 year old also likes to play but requires my husband’s or my help. I love that we can include the whole family!

Perspectives requires tactical planning as well as quick pattern recognition. We enjoy playing it together as a family! It has very straightforward rules, which is perfect for children on the Autism spectrum. Either the pattern matches or it doesn’t. Spatial problem solving is key, and this is something both of our older children love.

I, personally, love that Perspectives doesn’t revolve around a specific academic subject. I think the kids really learn a lot through critical thinking, so I love that Perspectives is adding this aspect to our children’s education. This is a game we enjoy playing over and over!

Enjoying Educational Games with SimplyFun

Once again, SimplyFun delivered! We had a chance to review Kilter in the past and still play it frequently, and now we can add Perspectives to the list of games we play frequently. I think over the next year we will be able to add Front Runner to the list as well. We really enjoy the games from SimplyFun. I love that they offer educational opportunities in a variety of areas and are fun for the whole family!

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  1. Games are fun and kids learn I play games with my grandchildren

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