Educational Toys Planet Review

Educational Toys Planet

Being a mom I’m always looking for toys that have educational value. I look for this even more so because our kids have social/emotional special needs. All 3 of them learn well through play! I can think of many times I’ve been concerned they weren’t learning something and I see them playing/interacting with a toy, and I realize the thing I was worried about they DO know it! I think it’s SO important to provide those tools for learning in the form of play! It’s also a great way to complement our homeschooling as well! Because of this I am so excited to announce I’ll be doing a review and giveaway for Education Toys Planet! If you have never had a chance to check them out I recommend it! They have such a huge variety of educational toys for all ages! Stay tuned and check back for my upcoming review and giveaway! 🙂


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