The Family of Jesus Brought to Life

I am always looking for books that align with my faith. I also look for books that are different from those I have already read. That is why I was excited for the chance to review The Family of Jesus.

The Family of Jesus Review

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book compliments of Family Christian to facilitate The Family of Jesus review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

The Family of Jesus is the newest book by Karen Kingsbury. In The Family of Jesus she gives us a glimpse into what life may have been like for those that were closest to Jesus. Through this book I had the chance to see things through the eyes of Joseph, Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, James (his brother) and Mary.

To me, the approach of this book is so unique. Haven’t we all wondered the details behind what we have read and know well. How did Joseph feel through the amazing journey from his engagement of Mary to becoming her husband and raising the Messiah? What was it like knowing you’re raising the Promised Savior or growing up with him? I have always imagined how it might be, but The Family of Jesus really brought it to life for me.

The question may be – how does Karen Kingsbury know these details? She took a lot of time to really study The Bible and become familiar with them, and she added the emotional fictional details. To add these details, though, she really worked hard to discover what things were like in that time. She uses historical and theological insights to truly develop the story to be close to what it really would have been like.

This is a book I could really get into. I felt like I was getting an inside look to the questions I’ve already had. I also felt like it wasn’t too “far fetched,” but rather realistic to how things may have been. It opens up the true emotions they may have been feeling and the unique journey they each took as relatives of Jesus.

What I found so unique about The Family of Jesus is that it really gave me new insight. For example, I hadn’t before thought much of Jesus and John the Baptist interacting as children and how they just connected as cousins that both had a purpose in the ultimate sacrifice – John paving the way for his cousin Jesus. Plus, as children the feelings of just wondering what it all meant. Can you imagine being told as a child you would play a part in the salvation of the people?

I have also tried to imagine what Mary must have felt knowing she was raising the Savior that would one day have to make the ultimate sacrifice. As parents, we hope to never see anything happen to our children, and just knowing the emotions she must have felt that day – well, it brought tears to my eyes. It made it so much more real to me.

At the end of the book there is also a Group Discussion Guide and Bible study. It correlates with each chapter with the family member and shares additional insight including what we do know of them through The Bible. It encourages reading chapters from The Bible and asks questions that are relevant to our own lives.

Overall, I am so glad I had the chance to review The Family of Jesus by Karen Kingsbury. It gave me a new perspective and encouraged me to dig deeper as well.

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  1. Linda romer

    The Family of Jesus is a unique book that is different from anything I have read. Great review. I would love to learn and read from this book. Thank you

  2. Jan Hall

    This is a great review of the book. It makes me want to read the book right away. I love Karen Kingsbury already. This looks like a very different book that I need to read.

  3. I have read several of Karen Kingbury’s books and appreciate the quality of her writing. I am like you and am always wanting to know what characters in books are thinking so I appreciate all of the work that Karen did in researching the Bible and the time period so that she could answer so of the questions we have always had about the thoughts and feelings of Jesus’ family. Thank you for your spot-on review.

  4. Jo Ann Zavala says

    Thank you for your review of the family of Jesus. It was very thorough and made me want to read the book even more than before. I look forward to reading her book.

  5. Debbie Welchert says

    I have never read any of her books but this one sounds so interesting. I can’t imagine what life would have been like way back then. I have always wondered what life growing for Jesus was like.

  6. Brenda Saball says

    I am looking forward to reading this book by Karen Kingsbury — I have enjoyed her others

  7. I would love to read this book. The review is awesome. The book sounds very interesting and would be great to just go back and really think about how times were for Jesus.

  8. Diana Ward

    Great review! I like historical fiction, and biblical historical fiction can be great, if the author sticks with truth and what could have been true. I had the same questions, starting from when I first learned Bible stories in childhood, so it seems like this book would be a good read.
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  9. Sally T.

    Thank-You for the review.I have never read
    Karen Kingsbury books,but from your review I may
    have to pick up her book

  10. Buddy Garrett says

    It sounds very interesting. I want to read it.

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